YouTube Video Thief Is Making Money With AdSense On Stolen Videos

Right now on October 09, 2013 a thief of well over 500 YouTube videos re-uploaded to YouTube is making money with AdSense ads on them. All or most of the stolen videos were re-uploaded 2 weeks ago. It could be close to 3 weeks ago since YouTube is not exact on that unless you go deeper and look for the upload date details.

Right now YouTube owned by Google is supporting the thief. My question is why with all the algorithms they can’t detect and check out a channel to which hundreds of videos have been uploaded within a day or even a week.

Since it’s near impossible, more impossible than even remotely possible to contact YouTube and Google and get any reply from them, video thieves appear in fact to be supported more than the video creators who are being robbed.

I am the original video creator and I am being robbed right now.

Over 500 of my videos have been stolen from YouTube and re-uploaded to YouTube.

I have tried to contact YouTube. Going to YouTube and to their help page is largely useless in this case. There is a form they have where you can list one by one the videos that have been stolen from you and re-uploaded. You have to fill out a lot of details and check out that you agree with everything that they warn you about.

Then you have to list each video URL that was stolen and illegally re-uploaded. Try that with almost 600 videos. You also have to add the URL of your original video. It’s a time consuming run around when that many videos are involved.

There is no slot or box in that form to add any remark, like being able to say that a particular channel has stolen all the videos that are in it.

Sending a suggestion to YouTube-Google is possible but you are warned that there will be no response.

Good luck with sending an email to them to any of their email addresses. I have done that and so far have never received any response. Will it be different this time?

I have received an automated reply that they have received my email with a warning that most likely I’ll receive no other response from them and that I should seek help through their help page. It’s an endless loop and it shows that they care very little if at all.

In the meantime Google is sharing the money that the thief is making from my videos. The thief gets about 70% and Google 30%. Something like that anyway.

I will update this post when I see some action taken on this by YouTube-Google.

I’m not holding my breath though. If they do nothing for longer than 3 or 4 days I will mention that in the update.

Update: October 10, 2013

I have tweeted Matt Cutts of Google at 11:41 a.m. PT. You can see the tweet below:

@mattcutts YouTube-Goofgle supports YT video thief making money with AdSense on stolen videos. Can you do something about that?

I made a typo and somehow I missed that until the tweet went already out. I typed Goofgle instead of Google. It was unintentional but when I noticed it it actually made me giggle. They do goof at times don’t they?

Then at 10:45 a.m. Pacific Time I tweeted YouTube at the suggestion of Glenn who commented on this post.You can see the tweet below. Notice that I have now typed Google instead of Goofgle. That tweet you can see below:

@YouTube YouTube-Google supports YT video thief making money with AdSense on stolen videos. Can you do something about that?

If you want to help, please find those tweets and re-tweet them. You could even copy them and send them to @mattcutts and @YouTube so that they will get the message for sure.

My email to YouTube which I sent late afternoon yesterday and to which I got automated response that they received it has not otherwise been responded to yet.

Update October 11, 2013: I have sent email to 2 more YouTube email addresses and one AdSense email address. From two of them I received automatic reply that they don’t respond by email. From one YouTube address I have yet not received any reply, not even an automatic one which I took as a good sign since from all the other 3 addresses the automatic reply came immediately.

At around 12:30 PT I left a voice mail message on a YouTube phone number with a perpetual voice mail that no-one can answer the phone right now and that you’ll be served faster by going to their website. Right, you can enter the perpetual loop there.

While I was chatting on Facebook with a friend about this horror story she discovered that the thief’s YouTube channel was just suspended. That’s a great news. I don’t know yet what helped to shut the thief down. I have not heard from anybody so far.

I suspect it was one of my emails that finally got read by a person at YouTube or Google.

It could have also come about as a response to my phone message. They have not called me but they can find out what my account is by the phone number I left. In the message I described the problem and they then could have checked it out and take action.

I have also replied to one of Matt Cutt’s tweets but I doubt that he did anything. If he did I think he’d let it be known.

I want to thank everybody, to all my friends and strangers that were helpful with their tweets, Facebook likes, doing bookmarking of my post etc. I am very grateful to you for caring.

If and when I find out how my message got through to YouTube-Google I will post it inside this post under another update. All my readers deserve to know what, if anything, works in this case.

If you have a YouTube channel, please be very attentive and watchful to make sure nobody is stealing your videos. I have found my own videos copied, stolen and re-uploaded to YouTube with AdSense ads on them. These stolen videos were in some cases placed above my original videos even though the thief had no descriptions for them. The only reason why the stolen videos were above my original videos, some of which were uploaded years ago and have tens of thousands views, is probably the fact that the thief put AdSense ads on them and Google was sharing the profits with him. (My own AdSense account was disabled by lovely Google because some hater click-bombed my channel for a day or two. The two appeals that I made got only canned automated negative response).

The thief stole 571 of my videos and re-uploaded them to YouTube within a day or a maximum of a week. It boggles my mind that YouTube-Google doesn’t watch for this. Google punishes websites that add content too quickly and yet the same Google who owns YouTube can’t detect a channel that has just opened and that uploads hundreds of videos per day.

Then Google profits from the AdSense ads that are put on the stolen videos.

Through my investigation of this and trying to get hold of YouTube or Google I have found again that getting in touch with support at this huge company is getting worse. It is virtually an impossibility.

For example the YouTube email will send you an automatic reply saying that they no longer reply to emails sent there.

There is a link in that automated email through which I found that even if you are a YouTube partner, you cannot get email support unless your channel is getting over 15,000 hours of views in 90 days. That works out to be 7 hours of views for each hour, 24 hours a day. Most YouTube channels and YouTube partners are thus ignored and can’t get any email support from YouTube. That is a very sad state of affairs at YouTube-Google.


Below is the continuation of my post which I wrote initially before the updates.

In the meantime YouTube-Google are supporting the thief and placing the videos which were stolen from me in the recommended videos on other peoples channels and in the search results and on the right hand side below the videos that people are watching, sometimes higher in the results then my original videos. That is because I do not have AdSense ads on my videos and the thief has placed AdSense ads on the videos stolen from me.

YouTube-Google is thus in a partnership with the YouTube video thief. They probably aren’t doing it knowingly but the fact is that they are doing it right now.

What do you think about the state of the affairs with YouTube-Google? Do you think this is right, the way Google makes it impossible to be communicated with and how they ignore people?

Did you ever get any other reply from Google or YouTube other than an automated canned reply which is useless?

Why do you think it is that Google punishes honest people for no reason and rewards thieves, like in this case and commits other injustices in spite of their motto “Do no evil”?

What could be done to make YouTube-Google come to their senses and to start treating honest people correctly and to stop partnering with thieves?

Please add any other thoughts and suggestions and like this post on Facebook, google+ it, tweet it, bookmark it and send the link to it by email to your friends who care.

The more people know about this and express their views the better chance that things will change.

Evil should not triumph over YouTube-Google for obvious reasons and also because of their motto “Do no evil” which they may have stopped using by now. Otherwise it will be very similar to what was happening not so long ago when evil totalitarian states were calling themselves democratic.

Will you like this on Facebook, google+ it tweet it etc? Please do.


Authored by Vance Sova

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