I think I’m finally back, after a long pause, posting on this blog. I’m still not healed from the brown recluse spider bite which I suffered on September 03, 2013 but the pain is more tolerable and I can focus a bit more.

I derive no joy from writing about Google Chrome after such a long pause but it’s been hard to even find the sites and pages of the most popular sites like YouTube and Yahoo using this browser.

It seems that for the last few months, if not for longer, Google Chrome has a hard time finding Yahoo, YouTube and really any other site. It’s not happening all the time but at least as often, if not more often, than not.

Getting “This Page Is Not Available” when going to YouTube or Yahoo repeatedly is no fun. Nor is it fun getting “Resolving Host” when going to these sites that lasts what seems like forever.

If these things are caused by something else than Google Chrome, which is not entirely impossible, I’d like to know what it is. I do not experience this when I use Firefox almost at all. When there is a problem while using Firefox these days it’s then really almost always a problem with the internet service provider which I can tell by not being able to get to the internet at all.

I’ve heard from other people that Chrome is not working properly for them either. They too have to revert to Firefox quite often.

Another thing that is making Google Chrome incredibly slow at times is waiting for fonts google apis or for ajax google apis. There could be more reasons but the bottom line is that Google Chrome just doesn’t cut it anymore as it used to. It is getting increasingly hard to use. Even if it worked properly it would still be significantly slower than Firefox.

If you too are having similar problems with Google Chrome, I’d like to know. Please mention it in your comment.

You Can Hear Me Sing – Play Instruments

That’s right. As you may or may not know I do play the guitar, harmonica and sometimes ukulele for fun and I also sing for fun. This hobby kept me out of trouble as a youngster and now when I was in incredible pain for months due to the brown recluse spider bite the hobby helped a great deal to maintain my sanity. I could hardly do anything because of the pain but somehow while singing and playing the instruments I was able to partly forget about the pain. All the voices in the two videos below are mine.

In the first video I sing a well known song and as I was recording it I was thinking of all the people that had been so helpful during my affliction. I dedicated the song to them.

In the second video I sing a song dedicated to my Mom. It’s a song by Demis Roussos called Magdalena which happens to be my Mom’s name. To me she’s the Best Mom In The World.

I look forward to your comments on Google Chrome or even my videos and the music in them. Cheers.

Authored by Vance Sova

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