Is Google Chrome Sick or Dying?

I really thought for quite a while that the Google Chrome browser was the best. I was frustrated with seemingly constant Firefox updates at the time when I wrote the post titled Chrome vs Firefox-Internet Marketing Best Browser Blog Discussion. That post turned out to be very popular and it attracted a lot of comments. 219 approved comments to be specific.

Many of the commenters preferred Firefox which at that time surprised me because I could find nothing wrong with Chrome then and plenty with Firefox. You can have a look at the older post by clicking on its title I mention above.

In the last few days, today is November 19, 2012, I have noticed something that I would never have thought possible. Google Chrome messing up the way it displays things and making them crooked and much more. Of course at first I thought that something is wrong with everything else but Chrome. Google would not allow this sort of thing to happen right?

Well it did and it is still going on right now as I write this. All other browsers that I tried display the same page correctly with no distortions whatsoever but Chrome is making it look like it was designed by somebody stoned, drunk or with severely damaged eyesight.

So right now any browser you can think of is working better than the almighty Google Chrome.

I turned off my computer and after turning it back on, the Chrome browser is still displaying old images which have been updated on a page and which show properly in Firefox.

I didn’t have to clear the history or do anything in Firefox. I shouldn’t have to do that in Chrome either.

Recently I found that, apparently, in order to clear history, cookies or whatever in your Chrome browser you have to log in. Give me a break.

Right now Google Chrome is broken. Will they fix it? Eventually, probably. But as far as I’m concerned they really blew it big time. Having to log in to clear your history, cookies or do anything that can be done routinely and with ease on Firefox and other browsers is bad enough to turn off a lot of people.

Add to that the fact that Chrome is obviously capable of distorted display of pages and images and showing old images instead of new ones even after the computer has been turned off and back on.

As if the above wasn’t enough, the speed of Chrome seems to be decreasing lately too. Oh, and I just remembered another thing which happened more than once before and a very short while ago: I put a web address in Chrome and after pressing enter it couldn’t find the page saying there’s no data there or something to that effect. I had to enter the same thing again and all of a sudden the data was there because it worked? I think the data was there all the time but Chrome couldn’t see it.

I am shocked and disappointed. I do hope things will get better soon but I’m not holding my breath.

How about you? Have you also noticed the rapidly decreasing quality of what Chrome does?

How about the necessity to log in, as mentioned above, does that bother you?

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Do that now.

After having done that you can relax and watch something cute like kittens in the video below.


Authored by Vance Sova

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