What are the top 10 blogs that send traffic? I bet that you want to know how to get blog traffic and get it fast. Wouldn’t it be great to know the secret traffic blogs that are sending the most visitors?

There is one blogger that I know of and have a great respect for who from time to time makes a video mentioning which were the top 10 blogs during a period of a month that sent her the most traffic. The top 10 blogs of course change all the time.

I’m proud to say that for the period from May 15 to June 15, 2010 the very blog you are reading now was the number one blog that sent Sally Neill the most traffic.

You can check the video showing the top ten blogs sending traffic to find out what Sally has to say about me and my blog and the runner ups. Update July 20, 2018: Sally’s blog is no longer live so I removed the link which leads nowhere now.

What did I do to send Sally the most traffic over a period of a month?

How To Become A Blog Traffic Magnet

What I did was both purposeful and accidental but looking back it can be easily replicated at any time by anyone. When I say accidental I mean that I never expected the results to be so good.

1) I  created an information product, my first ebook The Basics Of List Building.

2) I  posted about the topic of the ebook and about the ebook before it was released in my post called Email List Building, Opt in List, Not Just for Internet Marketer.

3) I wrote a post Email List Building Ebook, How To Build Email List In Any Market which highlighted my new ebook after I published it.

4) I made comments on three or four dozen blogs that I like to read.

That’s about it.

Of course I do respond to comments that my blog readers leave and thus keep the communication going.

My then just released new list building ebook attracted tons of traffic. A portion of that traffic was passed on to Sally’s blog.

But how was the traffic from my blog getting to be passed on to Sally?

How To Get Traffic From Secret Traffic Blogs

The way Sally got so much traffic from my blog and the way you can get traffic from secret traffic blogs is very simple but not that easy.

It is a way that I’ve covered before in Increase Blog Traffic Using Comments. Sally was commenting a lot on my blog because she liked my new ebook and what I was writing about.

It was just at that time that my blog was getting extra large amounts of traffic and a significant portion of those visitors noticed the high quality comments Sally was making.

Naturally they became curious about what else she had to say and went over to her blog.

Commenting is not the easiest way to get traffic because your comments need to be valuable if they are going to attract people to your blog and that takes time and hard work.

So what are the secret traffic blogs? If you watched the video on Sally’s blog you’ve got an idea. But really, any blog with a content you like can become a secret traffic blog at any time.

Top 10 traffic sending blogs for you can be the same ones that were the top secret traffic blogs for Sally but they can be a completely different set of blogs.

The key thing to keep in mind is that no top traffic sending blog will send you any traffic unless you take the initiative and work hard for it.

There is of course always paid traffic but that is another subject.

Do you keep track of your own top 10 traffic sending blogs?

Have you used commenting to get traffic?

If not, will you consider it after reading this post?

Please leave your comments and bookmark and tweet this post so others can join the discussion.


Authored by Vance Sova

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