Is Facebook More Useful Than Twitter Or Vice Versa?

I wonder what are your views regarding Facebook. It’s interesting that when people are asked what they think about Facebook they almost immediately start the discussion by comparing it to something else, like Twitter.

Soon after I asked this question at the Dot Com Pho lunch meeting of bloggers at Happy Pho Restaurant in Vancouver, one of the keen participants, Aaron Koo proceeded to compare the usefulness of Facebook with that of Twitter.

Those who joined in then continued largely in that vein. Is Facebook only for communicating and sharing things with close friends or can it also be used for building contacts and rapport with acquaintances and virtual strangers?

Can it be useful for business?

This is what was discussed at our recent lunch get together. You can view the video from the discussion below.

You will hear me say in the video that I don’t agree with some of the opinions expressed, at least not fully. I’ll have my say the next time we meet.

Just let me say here a little bit.

I think that Facebook is a great tool to communicate with close friends and it can be very useful for business. Facebook can also be used for email list building.

If you have not read my previous post on Social Media Engine Optimization you may want to do that.

Watch the Facebook discussion to see if you agree with any of the bloggers:

Now is your turn to have your say.

What do you think about Facebook and its usefulness apart from staying in touch and sharing things with your friends?

Tell me your opinion by leaving a comment.

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Authored by Vance Sova