Networking with other internet marketers and bloggers is one of the most important things you can do to increase your chances of online success.

Internet marketing events are the best opportunities to network with your peers and expert internet marketers.

Another way to network is to comment on other blogs and to use social media.

Commenting is an excellent way to start and build relationships with other people who blog in your field or niche and on related subjects.

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Now let’s get back to

Internet Marketing Events, Networking

Networking at live internet marketing events is by far the most effective way to get to know and to get connected to people who are working on their online success as well as those who are hugely successful already and to build relationships with them.

Nothing can replace meeting people face to face, shaking their hands and having a chat eyeball to eyeball. It is by far the best way to get connected.

Having a lunch, dinner or a drink together with another marketer or blogger has a lasting impact and can lead to future cooperation or joint ventures.

It can do more for your business than just about anything else.

The lessons learned from the formal speeches and lectures at internet marketing live events are very good indeed and taking notes from them and reviewing them later can serve you well.

But the impact of meeting with people like Alex Jeffreys, John Chow, Paul Wilson and many others that I’ve had the fortune to meet and rubbing shoulders with them will last forever.

Some of them will become your friends and quite likely joint venture partners.

I’ll never forget my first live internet marketing event and the lasting friendships it brought. I wrote about it in Marketing With Alex Las Vegas Workshop 2010.

I don’t remember much from the workshop lectures anymore (I shall review my notes soon) but I very clearly remember all the people I met there and there are several I became friends with and we keep in touch and help one another.

You can never meet enough people who are involved in internet marketing.

It’s my goal to keep on going to as many events as I possibly can.

Of course the more people you meet the better chance you’ll have to meet others through their network of friends.

Sometimes you can first become aware of outstanding internet marketers like Dr David Klein through your current friends blogs and look to meet them at the earliest opportunity.

I exchanged comments with Dr David Klein on John Chow’s blog and you can bet that I’ll be looking to meet Dr DK at an event as soon as possible.

He is said to be the most connected person on the internet.

It may seem that internet marketing is a lonely affair of a person sitting behind a computer without any direct non virtual involvement with other people.

While sitting and working behind a computer is one of the necessary activities, networking with others at live events is, in addition to email list building, the most vital and indispensable activity that every internet marketer who is successful or hoping to succeed must engage in.

I will be posting about internet marketing live events and networking from time to time and taking you there through my narration and reports.

Nobody can be everywhere and I think that reading those posts will be helpful to you.

It will also serve as a reminder and an encouragement to you to go out and participate in any internet marketing event that you can.

Please comment about what you liked about this post and about anything that came into your mind while reading it.

Let me know which events you have attended and how they impacted you and your online business.

How important to you is networking at live internet marketing events? Is it at the top or where would you put it on a scale 1 to 10 with 1 being the most important?

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Authored by Vance Sova

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