Could it be that in time SEO will stand for Social Engine Optimization instead of Search Engine Optimization? Perhaps. More likely it will be SMEO or Social Media Engine Optimization though.

Are you shaking your head in the affirmative or dismissively? You’ve never heard these terms unless you were at Happy Pho in Vancouver on April 30, 2011 when they were coined at the Dot Com Pho lunch meeting.

Creative things happen when bloggers and internet marketers get together. Being social or socializing live is an important part of a Social Engine.

The horse power of a Social Engine, which of course nowadays is largely formed through Social Media, is greatly enhanced by meeting people live. (If you want to read more about live meetings read my post about Internet Marketing Networking).

Get to know a few people this way and you’ll see a different, much higher quality of communication with them through social media as well.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+?

Yes, it’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ that are most popular and perhaps the most effective social media platforms.

It is these three that are and will be the keys to Social Engine Optimization or if you prefer SMEO – Social Media Engine Optimization.

But you must always remember that this engine will need a regular tune up in the form of live networking or socializing in order to provide the maximum horse power.

Before you continue reading the post, or after you read it, check out the videos below showing parts of the last few Dot Com Pho meetings and the relaxed, creativity supporting atmosphere they provide.

Once you understand the power of live networking, you can then delve into mastering the 3 Top Social Media Platforms.

Facebook Is the Most Popular?

Facebook seems the most talked about and the most popular right now.

Recently I received an email from a very rich and famous internet marketer recommending a Facebook course which made totally ridiculous promises.

Like, “you’ll get 24,000 Facebook likes on your fan page in 24 hours from brand new followers if you do what is shown in the course.”

I think that whoever believes that promise is either totally desperate and totally naive or quite a nut.

I do want to learn everything I can about how to best use Facebook but not from people who make outrageous promises and claims.

How do you feel about Social Media?  And how about Social Media Engine Optimization? Will you mention it to your friends and even blog about it linking to this post?

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Authored by Vance Sova


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