SEO Strategy to Increase

Blog Traffic

SEO Strategy is necessary when blogging for money since it helps increase blog traffic. (You can also read my post Get Traffic To Your Website which touches on the subject of traffic).

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is doing things that the search engines like. They include keyword research, keyword placement and links.

Anybody who is building a website or a blog should learn about seo and implement seo strategy. Yes, even the bloggers who don’t blog for money.

Not everyone who blogs likes the idea of blogging seo but I can’t imagine a blogger who wouldn’t want to increase blog traffic.

All blog owners want readers. And the more traffic there is the more readers there will be.

Why am I stating the obvious?

Because there are people who seem to be oblivious to it. They’ve never heard of it, never understood it or refuse to pay attention to it.

I know such people that I’ve met online.

Online Friendship

Here is an example of two people I’d never met in the flesh but became acquainted with them online and now we’re friends.

Both are blogging and both had been happily posting without regard to search engine optimization.

When I gently pointed out to them the fact, Jose from Notes On Blogging happily embraced it and went all out to learn everything about SEO and implemented as much as he could right away.

Ed (not his real name) on the other hand stubbornly refused to do anything differently and said he didn’t want to bother with keywords and just wanted to be himself.

I’ll let you guess who gets more traffic, comments and online friends.

Helping Fellow Bloggers

Many people are helping their fellow blogging enthusiasts.

I too want to help as much as I can and whenever the opportunity arises.

It’s always exciting to find new friends online through the existing ones.

When I saw the post on Petra Weiss blog encouraging bloggers to help her online blogger friend I didn’t pass the opportunity and took action as many others have.

I was intrigued by the text link Oes tsetnoc leading to Petra’s friend’s site.

The link above which you can check for yourself has to do with webmaster seo contest. You can read the post about it by clicking on the link. I found it interesting.

I have fulfilled the request placed there here and so can you if you are moved by it.

Learning and implementing seo strategy to increase blog traffic will help you as a blogger whether you’re blogging for money, for fun, online friendship or any other reason.

Why do you blog?

Do you do SEO?

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Authored by Vance Sova

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