Is Google A Bully That You Have To Suck Up To?

Last night I published a review post inside of which I remarked on the fact that Google search results aren’t still showing the most valuable stuff at the top or near the top in spite of all their recent updates. I also mentioned the subject for which posts in languages other than English were higher in search results than some posts in English and that keyword baiting posts were close to the top. I added two more unflattering remarks about Google further down the post which you can read here.

The punishment for doing that was swift. Within a few short hours the PR of my blog was degraded and the search results for my main keywords, like email list building, went down by 4 pages.

I wrote those things because they were true and because it was something that I could plainly see and couldn’t ignore and not because I like Google bashing or hate Google. In fact, if you go back through my blog and read what I wrote about Google, you will find that, with a few exceptions that express my puzzlement about why they do certain things, what I wrote about them is pretty positive.

Update: After a long time the distorted display in Chrome of some pages that I wrote about in one of my previous posts has been finally fixed and Chrome now displays them as well as Firefox. I have noticed it just now at 1:50 p.m PST on Monday, February 04, 2013, although it could have been fixed a few days ago but not much longer than that.

Update 2: 

Since this particular post was published my blog was knocked down by further 6 pages in Google search results. Any comments on that? This update is as of February 06, 2013. Below is the text of the original post.

A few months ago I created a category called “Understanding Google” because I’m not the only one who doesn’t always understand what they are doing and especially the reasons why they do it.

I do not begrudge Google their dominant position and I always wanted to believe that they didn’t abuse it. However, if they do abuse their position I’m not going to turn a blind eye to it.

What do you think is going on? Could it be a pure coincidence that within hours of my post in which I state what I clearly observe about Google, which happens to be unflattering to them, my blog’s PR is degraded and my blog’s placement in search results for my key keyword phrases is knocked down by 3 to 4 pages?

If it’s not a coincidence but a punishment for daring to say what I believe is the truth, then I wonder where we are. That would be a very depressing state of affairs. It would be like living in a communist system during the Cold War where everything is censored, where almost everybody is afraid to speak the truth because they don’t want to go to jail and have the members of their own family and even distant relatives punished for it too.

Today I have also noticed that the blogs whose authors are in a large number of Google+ circles are placed high in Google search results. That could be just a reward for being popular. But the fact that a very few significant online people that I know are very active on Google+ makes me wonder if Google rewards those who are very active there the same way that very active communist party members were rewarded in the Cold War era by the communist monster machine.

Could we be in Orwell’s kind of era with Google lording it over?

I hope not but it sure seems to increasingly look like it.

What do you think, am I stretching this too far or is there something to what I just wrote? Go ahead and make a comment.

Are you going to stay low and like a sheep bleat whatever Google wants to hear or are you going to speak the truth as you see it, no matter how you may be punished for it by the almighty Google?

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Authored by Vance Sova


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