Social media and marketing are now very much connected. There is no longer any doubt about it. In this post we’ll look at Facebook Marketing 2013.

In case you still have any doubts about the usefulness of Facebook for marketing, please read the next 4 short paragraphs carefully.

The way social media and especially Facebook are viewed by marketers has changed dramatically. It’s not that long ago when a very successful UK marketer said that using Facebook and other social media for marketing was a waste of time. To prove that he was serious about what he was saying, he closed his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Within less than a year he reversed himself and now he’s using Facebook big time.

Facebook Marketing 2013

Another internet marketer, not so famous but getting there, at the time when social media was still in doubt in many circles, around the same time the famous guy was closing his Facebook account did the opposite. She focused all her energy on studying Facebook and understanding how it could be used for marketing.

She has created what is probably the best course on Facebook available anywhere. Her course is being updated constantly as fast as Facebook changes. And Facebook has been changing a lot and will likely continue to change. Now let’s get to the review.

Facebook Marketing 2013 Review

This review intends to be short, giving just enough information for you to want to check out the course for yourself. To write a full and detailed review of the Facebook Marketing 2013 course would take several 1,500 word articles and even that would probably not be enough to cover everything. It would be too long and boring for you to read. Let me assure you that the course contains everything a marketer needs to know about Facebook and how to use Facebook for marketing themselves and their products and services.

It’s one thing to use Facebook as a private person to keep in touch with your friends. Anybody can handle that without any courses. Using Facebook for marketing, however, is totally different. I feel that I need to mention this because there are people who don’t realize and understand the difference.

So to make it absolutely and perfectly clear, Facebook Marketing 2013 is for those who want to learn about using Facebook for Marketing.

Facebook Marketing 2013

Update September 04, 2017: The reviewed course below is no longer available.

The links were replaced and lead to another FB course which is not as comprehensive.

The Original Review below is about a product that can no logger be accessed.


The course has 5 parts plus bonuses.

The 5 parts are:

1) Guide to Generating Leads,

2) Marketing With Facebook Pages,

3) Marketing With Personal Profiles,

4) Marketing With Facebook Groups,

5) General.

The course itself contains 26 videos and a couple of ebooks and one of the bonuses, Facebook Ad Videos consists of 7 additional videos. There are more surprise bonuses one of which is free Facebook tab templates.

To make this review brief as promised above I will mention just half a dozen favorite videos of mine from the Facebook Marketing 2013 course. You will no doubt find your favorite videos inside the course which may be the same or different ones.

My favorite videos are:

#1 The Different Types of Ads. A walk through the 4 main ways to use Facebook advertising platform. This video is the 5th video from the first part of the course. It is just over 15 minutes long.

#2 Putting it All Together. How ads work with business pages and opt ins. How to generate leads and create ad attacks. This video is the 9th from the first part of the course and it’s just under 10 minutes long.

#3 Edgerank. 10 ways to get your posts in front of people. The 5th video from the second part of the course, this video is over 13 minutes long.

#4 Analytics. A detailed walk through Facebook insights. 6th video from part 2 of the course, almost 24 minutes long.

#5 Networking, Friends and Subscribers. How to network with influencers, get lots of friend requests accepted and the importance of followers. 5th video of part 3 of the course, just under 10 minutes long.

#6 How to Create a Group. Also gives advice on settings to use for the group to be protected, focused etc. This video is over 10 minutes long and it’s the second video from part 4 of the course.

I hope that just from the kind of subjects of the 6 videos mentioned here, you can see how valuable the course is. When you consider that there are 20 more very valuable videos inside the course and 7 additional videos on Facebook Ads in one of the bonuses plus the free Facebook tab templates, the value of the course is huge.


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Authored by Vance Sova

The Basics of List Building which is being offered for free to anyone right now will be updated soon. However, the new updated version will no longer be free. The coming update is necessary because many changes have happened since it was first released.

List Building is just as important now as it ever was. In fact I believe that it is more important than ever because of the increasingly frequent Google updates that leave people and their sites unsure of their search results and ranking from day to day. The days of being able to rely on free traffic from search engines are forever gone.

No method or platform, including Facebook and other social media can be relied on in the long term to bring stable traffic to your site either.

You need to have a list of your own subscribers or leads to be able to create traffic to your site reliably.

My new List Building product will include the newest and latest list building methods. I have not decided on the new product release date or form yet because I don’t want to miss anything that people would like me to include in it.

This post is published mainly for 3 reasons:

1) To Let the Readers (that includes You) Give their Suggestions about what they’d like to see as a part of the New List Building course.

2) To Give Free Access to the New List Building Product to the Person with the Best Comment and Suggestions.

3) To allow people to Subscribe Now to Get a 50% Discount on my New List Building Product.

Everybody who will be a subscriber to the old version of The Basics of List Building, which is free, before my new List Building product is released will receive a 50% off the price of the new List Building product. I will email a coupon code or something similar to all at that time current subscribers just before the new List Building is released and they’ll be able to claim the discount. Get the free ebook now and get 50% off the new one.

Right now there is no cut off date so make sure you subscribe before it’s set. When my new product is close to being released, the opt in form to get the old and free ebook The List Building Basics will be removed and with it your chance to get the 50% discount.

I think that the above is a fair and excellent deal for everyone.

Now it’s time for you to start commenting and giving your ideas and suggestions.

Do your best to include these points in your comments:

a) What would you like to see included in the new list building product the most, the least.

b) What form should the product be in, an ebook, video course, other.

c) What would be a fair price for such product (include your favorite forms and prices for each or their combination) and how much are you willing to pay for products like this.

Be creative and add anything else you can think of that is not mentioned above.

Remember, the author of the best comment that includes the best suggestions will get my new List Building product absolutely for free.

Good Luck.


Authored by Vance Sova

Creating your own product is not easy. But there are people who do it with apparent ease and now you can learn from them. Product Development Control by John Thornhill and Daniel Sumner teaches you  step by step how to create your own quality products.

3 Reasons Why To Learn To Create Your Own Products

1. Having your own products puts you in the driver’s seat. Not only are you in control of what is inside the product but you also determine the price of it. When you sell your own product you make all the money instead of just a percentage of it.

2. You make more money not only because you get 100% on your own sales but now you also make a percentage of every sale that other people selling your product make.

3. When you have your own product your list building will go faster and deeper. you will get not only a list of prospective buyers but also a list of customers. You will be getting a lot more leads.

Are the authors of this course qualified to teach you how to make your own products?

John Thornhill most definitely is. He has created many quality products and I have seen and studied a couple of them personally. Daniel Sumner has some good products behind his belt too, although I can’t say that I know him as well as John Thornhill.

The Product Development Control course was a success in it’s older form when it was first released a year ago. It’s now freshly updated and even better.

What you’ll find inside Product Development Control

More than 30 step by step training videos to walk you through the whole process.

6 multi format modules starting with module 1 on Creating Product Ideas. Each module is presented in multiple formats: MP4, iPad, iPhone, iPod, MP3, and PDF.

There is also a Product Development Control Report which is a complete report with building blocks to your future product,

Product Development Control Mind Maps eBook with in depth guide about the types of mind maps and which ones to use in what situations,

Special Mind Maps with an overview and easy design to follow – mind maps which will be a huge asset to your business that you can use to create the perfect products,

PDF Work Sheets to document your progress and to keep you on track through your product creation stages.

What Is Covered In this Course

1. Idea generation techniques: what types of products to create, what’s profitable, what tools to use, what techniques and plans to have in place.

2. Mistakes to avoid and why: this can save you a lot of time and effort during your product creation.

3. Content creation and mapping your plan of action,

4. Creating and sourcing graphics and sales page: how to choose graphics for professional look and feel of your product,

5. How to project yourself and your product to your potential clients in a professional way,

6. Special tools for the job: which tools to use to produce great quality and look of your products,

7. Where to submit your product to the market place: where and how to submit your products and which payment processors to use to get the most exposure and value,

8. How to Maximize your pages for up-sell products and affiliates,

9. How to leverage the power of outsourcing to dedicate more time to your business and projects,

10. How to provide beta test versions of your products to the right people for reviews, testimonials and case studies,

11. How to get ready to launch your product: making sure that everything is exactly right and ready for the launch.

The above are just some of the things taught in Product Development Control.

Product Development Control is a complete course which could easily be worth a thousand dollars.

You can buy it for much less than that. The great news for those who decide to get Product Development Control right after its launch on March 18, 2013 at 5 p.m. EST or 2 p.m. PST is that you can get it for only $4.95. That is an incredible 87% discount from its regular price of just $37. But the heavily discounted price will be available only for a very short time.

Don’t wait and get Product Development Control now to get the best bargain possible and to get on your way to producing professional quality products.

Please comment and let me know how you why you decided to get the Product Development course. If for some reason you didn’t get it, let me know why in the comments section. In either case, please tweet this post, like on Facebook and google+ the post to help others find it and join the conversation.

Authored by Vance Sova

What Are Cash Cannons? Why You

Should Care

Cash Cannons is a brand new course that Michael Cheney is launching on Monday, March 04, 2013 at 12 noon EST. It will be available for a very limited time of nine days only. What are Cash Cannons? Cash Cannons are videos that make you money. The kind of videos that make money for Michael and he’s made about 6 millions and counting.

Note: Cash Cannons has been removed as the time for which it was available to purchase has passed.

You probably think that making such effective videos takes a lot of work and fancy and expensive equipment. You are sure that a cheap camera and no special skills automatically exclude you from making videos like that and from learning it within a reasonable time.

Well, forget those thoughts because Michael Cheney made some of his most impactful videos using a very cheap $100 camera and the videos look very unprofessional. Like videos anyone can make.

Cash Cannons can be of three types. They are all videos that make you money. There’s Affiliate Cash Cannon which is a video that sells other peoples stuff, Product Cash Cannon which sells your stuff and List Building Cash Cannon which gets people on your list or which gets you leads.

The course will tell you exactly how to make such impactful and effective videos. Michael doesn’t hold back anything. This may well be his last course, his last product and he wants to give everything he knows about making such videos to the lucky few who will take advantage and buy this course within the narrow time slot in which it will be available. Michael is not kidding nor is he going to reneg on his word. You will not be able to buy this course after March 12, 2013. Update: March 13,2013: Cash Cannons is no longer available

If you are reading this post before March 04, 2013 you can see that there are no links through which you can purchase the product. The links to buy the Cash Cannons course will appear at 12 noon EST that day wich is Monday and you’ll plainly see them here. The links will be taken down when the course is no longer available. Note: the links to Cash Cannons have been removed as it’s no longer available.

I have been watching Michael Cheney and communicated with him as he was putting the course together and I know exactly what is in it. I’ve had a full access to the finished product for the last few days and I can tell you that there is nothing like it available now on the market and in 10 days from now (today is March 03, 2013) there will not be anything like it available again.

Note: the banners and links to Cash Cannons have been removed as the course is no longer available for sale.

I have never flatly told people on this blog to buy anything. This time I will make an exception. I say buy it now if the links are visible already. Don’t wait. It’ll be gone and you’ll miss out forever.

The price for what you’re getting is ridiculously low. There are bonuses inside the course called “Surprise Stuff” that are in themselves worth the price you’ll be paying for the whole course.

What You Will Find In The Cash Cannons Course

There are 17 videos, 17 MP3 audios and 17 PDF files so you can watch the videos, listen to the audios of the course material as well as read it. There are also check sheets so you can tick off what you have already went through and took action on.

When you buy the Cash Cannons, Michael will be sending you an email every day with action steps to take. That way you’ll be sure to progress quickly and will be reminded daily to take action.

There is an iron clad guarantee build into the course so that you cannot lose when you take action. Michael Cheney guarantees you success with this course when you implement it, when you put it to use. And if for some unknown reason it won’t work for you in spite of all that, Michael will give you your money back when you show him you took proper action and implemented it.

There are dozens of tips on what to do and what to avoid that Michael has learned and gathered through his more than 10 years online. The course is primarily about making effective sales videos but he covers other important aspects related to internet marketing.

For example traffic, Facebook and other social media. He goes even into payment processing, testing and statistics to a significant degree as it is connected with your money making videos.

Note: I’m sorry but the Cash Cannons course is no longer being sold.

You’ll also be given links to resources Michael Cheney uses, like for example to his graphic designer.

As I mentioned above, the bonuses or “surprise stuff” as Michael calls them are alone probably worth the price for the course. And the whole thing, everything included is surprisingly inexpensive.

If you are looking to make money online using videos I strongly recommend that you get hold of this course before it’s gone forever. Do it now.

The bonuses are already inside the course. You don’t need any other bonuses to distract you from taking action with it when you get it.

However, if you insist on further bonus, I’ll give you a surprise bonus when you buy through my link. My bonus will be an audio or video interview with one of the famous marketers.

It will be something useful. I have grown tired of bonus packages of recycled and old stuff that most markers offer and that only take space on your hard drive and distract you from focusing on the most important things.

So be ready on March 04, 2013 at noon EST. Take action and get the Cash Cannons here.

Do that and later come back and post your comment about the course and claim your surprise bonus from me.

Authored by Vance Sova