Smart Phones May Not Display Videos With Old YT Embed Code

Just a few days ago I’ve noticed that the latest video which I had uploaded to YouTube and later embedded on my blog wasn’t being displayed on my smart phone. All other videos embedded on my blog were displaying normally at the same time as the newest one was not. Weird.

I suspected that something was wrong with the code, perhaps I made a mistake in copying and pasting it. So I did it again just to make sure the mistake was not mine. But the same result occurred.

The video was displaying in all browsers on desk top computers but not in smart phones.

I started suspecting that perhaps it was the old embed code which I have been using until then with no ill effect. But why would all other videos on my blog display normally, they too were embedded using the old embed code and the latest embedded video would not?

The answer to that question can only be guessed, projected and theorized. Maybe YouTube and Google know but they aren’t talking to anyone.

The fact is that when I replaced the embed code of the latest video from the old one to the new, the video was being displayed on smart phones.

If you are embedding YouTube videos on your blog or your website and have been using the old embed code out of habit or because you thought that it was better, perhaps it’s time to switch to using the new embed code for you too if you want to be sure that your videos will be displayed on mobile devices.

While my story above may not seem to make sense, it is a true story. Reality is often stranger than fiction. Why all the videos but one would display in smart phones using the same type of code is a mystery.

I will now embed the same video, using the new embed code and then the old embed code.

If, for some reason, both videos will display on smart phones then the mystery will deepen and I may then delete one of them and write below what happened.

The video shows Greek food at a Greek Cypriot restaurant in Richmond BC:

Video embedded with new YouTube embed code:

Same video as above embedded with old YouTube embed code:

The second video using the old YouTube embed code is indeed not showing on my smart phone. Is it showing on yours?

Update: August 31 and September 01, 2013: I have now confirmed beyond the shadow of a doubt that the videos that had been uploaded prior to a couple of weeks ago and embedded with the old YouTube embed code are displayed on smart phones. However, any more recently uploaded videos that were embedded with the use of the old embed code are not displaying on smart phones.

Somebody pointed out to me that the old embed code means that the videos are flash videos and that flash videos don’t display on iPhones, for example. But the fact is that the YouTube videos embedded with the old embed code until recently are displayed on smart phones such as the iPhone and they are flash videos too.

But recently uploaded videos embedded with the old embed code aren’t, such as the second video in this post. Just check it out on your smart phone.

Please leave a comment. Maybe you never dreamed of using the old embed code and you think I was crazy for using it. Maybe you have been using the old embed code and have never realized a video may not be displayed in mobile phone. Let me know.

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Authored by Vance Sova

Cat That Can Eat With Either Paw

Cats, dogs and even birds and other animals can be smart and very funny and so can people. But we humans tend to get too busy, too serious and too stressed. Animals can help us lighten up if we let them.

Have you been too busy, too serious and working too hard without pausing to relax and to have a bit of fun?

Maybe you can use a little break to be able to focus again on your important tasks with renewed energy.

Have a look at a cat that can eat with either paw. Just click on the video below.

If you’ve just enjoyed watching the funny cat you may want to read a bit about it. This is what I wrote about her in the video description:

“Watch a cat eating with paws. It’s a funny cat getting treats from a cat treat bag. Her name is Whity and she’s half siamese. People who don’t know her by name sometimes refer to her as the gray cat. Her coat is a multi color coat though, ranging from white and gray to brown and black. Her chest is almost white. Her coloring is similar to that of a siamese cat.

In this video Whity shows herself to be an ambidextrous cat. She’s able to use both her paws to grab the treat bits out of the luv cat treat bag and put them into her mouth. She uses both her left paw and her right paw equally without any obvious preference for either one.”

OK, thanks for reading and watching.

Now you can go back to work. But before you go, I want you to do just a few things:

1. Leave a comment. Do you like cats or dogs or both? What’s your favorite animal? Do you find them funny at times?

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3. Don’t forget to lighten up and to have fun once in a while.


Authored by Vance Sova

AWeber Will Sock It To You on Your Bill Every Time

Aweber has been praised a lot by a lot of people. I have done my share doing the praising as you can see by going to my older post on the first list building step.

As good as AWeber is, it will sock it to you on your bill every time even for subscribers you never knew you’d had.

Would you believe that AWeber and likely any other reputable autoresponder service, will charge you for people in your opt in list that are not even subscribed to you anymore?

In fact AWeber and such email list service companies will charge you for subscribers that have never been your real subscribers except for the fact that they’ve opted in to your list with a fake email address just to get something for free from you.

Even if that fake email address given by them doesn’t exist, never existed and likely will never exist,  AWeber will unsubscribe a subscriber like that which will have lasted half an hour or less but AWeber will keep charging you for such non existent subscriber forever unless you remove it from AWeber yourself.

AWeber will not even notify you of such short lived subscribers. You will therefore never know that such a subscriber is kept by AWeber as an unsubscribed and that it is charging you for it.

If you don’t notice it on your bill or if you won’t question the size of your bill it will be charging you for those fake subscribers forever.

Apparently it is beyond AWeber’s capabilities to notify you of such subscribers. I would add that it is in AWeber’s self interest not to notify you because unless you are checking the number of such unsubscribed people yourself, they will profit from it.

I do not, for one minute, believe that it is technically impossible for AWeber or any such company to notify you of those things but Aweber customer help stated to me that they don’t do it, can’t do it and won’t do it.

They say that it is your responsibility to check your account monthly before your billing date and to delete all such subscribers.

So, please do it. Don’t be like me until today. I will be doing it faithfully every month as long as I’m able to. Neglecting it will cost me and you money and it will end up in AWeber’s pockets irretrievably.

Well, you may be lucky like me if you don’t take it lying down and ask repeatedly for a refund of such charges. AWeber has given me a refund but only this one time. Thank you AWeber. A part of why I got it, I think, is that I was able to catch it within an hour of being billed by them.

But there is no guarantee that you will be able to get a refund, even a one and only refund which they gave me. Thanks again AWeber.

Try AWeber’s Autoresponders for $1

It takes a lot longer to plead your case and try to get a refund than it does to keep your opt in lists clean.

The fact is that it was my own fault that I haven’t kept my list clean. On the other hand AWeber could do better in notifying me about the sudden flood of subscribers who in fact were not real subscribers at all.

Have you known all this all along or is this a new information to you?

How often do you clean up your opt in lists?

Do you know of any other reputable autoresponder company that does the same thing as AWeber when it comes to charging for fake unsubscribed subscribers?

Do you know of any reputable autoresponder company that will notify you of every subscriber as they subscribe regardless of whether they are genuine or fake?

Please respond to these questions, any one or all of them in the comments section.

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Having made my point about AWeber not being perfect, I still think that they are providing one of the best services in their industry and I still choose to use them.


Authored by Vance Sova

Is Google Really Smart?

Consider This Real Story

Today I received an email from a long time internet marketer in which he shared some tips on how to take advantage of the new tabs in Google Gmail.

He also expressed his view that Google is smart. No doubt about some form of smartness Google has. After all they have close to 70% of search engine market. And they are into other things in which they do quite well.

Google can also be positively weird and it can be very ruthless.

Is Google walking all over us?

But let’s stick to Google being smart subject and look at what happened to me a day and a half ago using Gmail.

I was logging into one of my Gmail accounts as usual and I was using Google Chrome on my own computer. I filled in my user name and password and pressed enter. Google said that the user name or password were incorrect. I used the correct ones but for some reason Google thought otherwise.

As I proceeded to communicate with it, of course not with any of their staff as they don’t talk to anyone, but communicating with their system, I was told that there was no such email with that kind of user name.

No matter what I did, including turning off Chrome and starting all over again, as far as Google was concerned that email of mine didn’t exist.

So I tried to log in on my smart phone into the same email account using the same user name and password and it worked normally. I sent and received a few emails using it on my smart phone. Then I went back to Chrome on my computer and found that my account still didn’t exist.

Then I had an idea to try to log in into that same account using the Firefox browser. It worked there.

So, is Google really that smart?

Intro to Random Stuff-News-Views-Rants Category

If you have a look at my blog you’ll get an idea about the main topics it focuses on. You can have a quick look at the categories and it’s pretty clear.

Once in a while I feel like writing about something else as things happen out there generally or directly to me and to those that I know of.

For that reason I’ve decided to create a new category for this blog in which I will freely write about anything I want to. This is my blog and I don’t need to limit what I write about.

It may be good for my readers too to once in a while read about other topics here.

I hope you will have fun reading things in this category. It will allow us, you and me, my dear readers, to get to know one another better and from different angles.

I  want to know what you think. I encourage you to comment on topics that you find interesting and that you have something to say about.

How do you like having the Random Stuff-News-Views-Rants category on this blog?

Please comment and tell me which topics you’d like to see covered the most in this catergory. I may have nothing or very little to say on many subjects but if I can say something on your particular favorite subject then I’ll do my best to do so.

Note: Please don’t forget to, at any time, suggest any subject related to Internet Marketing as that is still the main topic of this blog.

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Authored by Vance Sova