List building steps are numerous. Step 1 is very crucial and fundamental. In order to be able to build a mailing list, to collect targeted e-mails, you will need to create an opt in box or form. To create an opt-in form you will need to get an autoresponder. The very best autoresponder service with unparalleled support that Alex Jeffreys, Vance Sova, Brian G Johnson, Marlon Sanders and the vast majority of successful internet marketers love is AWeber. I have never experienced a better service and customer support for any service or product. AWeber people make you feel like royalty and are extremely helpful.

Get Started Today For Only $1! – AWeber Communications

Another well known and apparently good company is GetResponse. You can look at both of them and any other you may find and then make your choice. Whichever company you choose, please make sure it is a good and reliable one. The two names mentioned are definitely the best.

What Kind Of Autoresponder You Don’t Want To Have:

I would strongly advise against using a free autoresponder. I’ve never used one myself but those who have say they were plagued by advertisements on it. So it really is not free and the service is nothing to rave about.

What you never want to do is to buy a cheap autoresponder of your own and put it on your server. (I’ve read pages offering such autoresponders claiming to save you money. But when I checked the links leading to the offer it was clear that they themselves used AWeber). Should you have your own autoresponder of this kind you will have to set it up yourself and maintain it. In case your server gets shut down you will be left with nothing and will have to start all over again.

What Kind Of Autoresponder You Want To Have:

What you do want is a reliable service and ease of use. You don’t need more headaches.

You want the kind of autoresponder that actually gets your e-mails delivered. With a lot of spam these days much of e-mail is filtered out as spam. Using reputable companies like AWeber and GetResponse that insist on double opt-ins will ensure that your mailings are reliably delivered.

I chose AWeber and I’m as happy as a clam.

You can do the same or you may want to use GetResponse if you like.

What I know about AWeber is this:

They will send you a physical, snail mail welcome letter with contact information. They will send you a welcome e-mail offering free webinars. They have instructional videos on how to do everything once you log in. They will most likely phone you to ask you if you need anything and giving you a toll free phone number to call in case you need help. Their help is live, real people you can talk to, no machines.

With this kind of service you won’t even need me to tell you how to use and set up the whole automated system.

I have participated in one free webinar by AWeber (they have many ) and I watched several of their instructional videos. I tend to be slow at times and having all these tools available feels like heaven. For smarter people it is sufficient if they just follow the set up wizard AWeber has.

In case you haven’t noticed, I now have an opt in box on this blog. (I have set it up by following the AWeber instructions). It is located towards the top of the page on the right side. If you haven’t done so already, please check it out and opt in to get the masterful free e-book “List Building With Alex Jeffreys”. That’s right, the list building wizard and my mentor Alex Jeffreys created it himself and it is a must read book. Alex’s approach is very unique and outrageously successful.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post on list building steps, step 1 – get autoresponder.


Authored by Vance Sova

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Build a list. Building a targeted email opt in list is what we need to do first. I have started to focus on this because having a mailing list is definitely the backbone of any successful business online or off-line. That’s the bottom line. Learn how to build your mailing list now. If you want to be successful on the internet then you need to focus on list building at the very start.

What exactly is a mailing list and how would people join yours? The kind of list you want to build is sometimes called targeted email list, opt-in list, responsive email list or permission e-mail list. Generally it goes by the simple name of mailing list.

People who become part of it join of their own accord and will have given you the right to e-mail them information in which they are interested. They indicate their area of interest by giving you contact information on your particular subject page. You need to have a so called squeeze page, a page with an opt-in box where you ask people to enter their name and e-mail address. When they do they have now given you a permission to send them emails.

You start from zero and people will opt in one by one until you have a large mailing list ready to receive your information and offers. That’s how you build your business. The people who join your list are already interested in what you have to say and will expect information from you. They are your targeted prospects. You don’t need to worry about being accused of spamming them. They actually want to hear more from you.

I can attest to this from my own experience being on someone else’s mailing list. When I didn’t receive any e-mail from them for a couple of months I actually sent this person a message asking if they were still around. Wouldn’t you love to have prospects like me on your mailing list?

Some of the prospects will then buy from you and now you will have a start to a customer list of hot prospects for your next offer or product. You’ll find that your list will start to be forming according to your prospects interests. You can then create sub-lists on different subjects which you’ll be able to use for even more and closely targeted mailings. That way you will be sending your prospects information on what they are most interested in and thus they’ll be most likely to buy.

I’m just starting to build my own list now. I’m no expert but I’m learning from one. Alex Jeffreys who is my mentor has built targeted lists this way and he has tens of thousands of people on them. Every time he sends an email he makes thousands of dollars.

I’m lucky to be learning list building with Alex Jeffreys. You can join me in this exciting process and build your own list as I am building mine. The course that I follow and study from, in addition to Alex’s mentoring and coaching, called List Building With Alex is absolutely the best value ever. When I say this you have to trust me. Anybody who knows me knows that I don’t exactly give praise easily. But when I do, it really is deserved. I’d been searching for months within the courses I already bought and online everywhere. There is nothing out there like this above mentioned course.

I want you to stick with me to continue observing and learning from my journey. You will learn exactly what I’m learning as you go with me step by step.

So how do we actually go about building a mailing list from scratch, from nothing, from zero? Don’t let the zero, zilch and nada worry you. Everybody started and has been there at one time. And that includes all the gurus and Alex Jeffreys himself. He insists on this and says it often. You and I are where they used to be. At zero or very close to it. Once it becomes one, two, ten, twenty, a hundred it will grow faster and faster almost on autopilot.

The money is in the list and we have to be focusing big time on list building. As Alex Jeffreys says, it doesn’t have to be perfect just get going. Prepare for this, act on it and you’ll meet success. The key is not to get overwhelmed. Start from the beginning.

I can tell you from experience that not staying focused on the basics will leave you exhausted, overworked, underpaid and frustrated. Buying different and multiple courses to find all the information you think you need will not get you where you want to be. There is a lot of noise in the internet marketing world and if you don’t know where to start like I did it will overwhelm you.

In the next post installment I’ll write about what I learned and applied regarding the first list building steps and how you can do the same. I hope that you and I agree that we need to start to build a list, targeted email opt in list, the mailing list.

Authored by Vance Sova

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Internet Marketing with Alex Jeffreys is my first post on this blog site. It will start to document my journey from the real beginning of my internet marketing life. The real starting point of a lifestyle that is the dream of mine and perhaps your dream too. As you can see, I really don’t know what I’m doing but that’s OK. I’m learning now. If you are a guru of the net then you are about to leave this page. My guess is that by now I’m only with my targeted audience, the fellow students of the trade.

Is this my very beginning on the internet? Not exactly. In the last few months I have learned a few things already and have attempted to build a couple of sites. They are up and I’m proud of them. But are they making any money yet? Nope. You see, I really didn’t know the basics before I started. So I was building without the foundation. There was so much to be learned. I didn’t even know how to copy and paste. I felt like a complete idiot. I was sure that 99.9% of all people on this planet that ever touched a computer keyboard were ahead of me. And I don’t mean internet marketers. I mean anybody from toddlers to the ancients.

I had no clue where to start so I just did something. And I kept on learning things which seemed useful but didn’t bring me any dollars. Only a cent here and a penny there. Sometimes I read and heard about how important it is to have a mailing list. But how to build a list or any useful information on list building was strangely lacking in all the materials that I picked up. Usually I was told that the key is to get traffic first. That may seem a valid point but what was I going to do with the traffic without a list, without knowing how to capture the visitors, without knowing how to avoid losing them forever?

I became very frustrated when I fully realized that I needed a squeeze page or at least an opt in box. I was getting extremely frustrated because it was so hard to get any tangible information on it in all the courses I bought. I had several hundreds of hungry professional internet marketers and gurus following me on twitter trying to sell me something. So I thought if I tweet a request for information on the subject I would be flooded with offers. Not one peep or tweet came in reply. I thought, is anybody reading my desperate tweets? I still needed to learn how to stop being a newbie.

Then somehow I came across Alex Jeffreys and his Marketing With Alex Coaching Course. I was very skeptical about it. Was it another hyped up scheme to get my money and leave me in the mud? During the first module session my fears were removed. Not only could I hear in Alex’s voice that this was going to be different. I could feel he definitely cared and wanted me to succeed more than he cared about money. There are some great teachers whom I may mention later who have the same great attitude. So caring wasn’t all I was looking for and it wouldn’t have convinced me by itself. What convinced me in addition to that was what Alex J. was talking about and to what he was pointing the most. He actually dwelt on the mailing list and list building as the very foundation for quite a while and said that the first thing we’d be learning and doing was exactly that.

I’m incredibly excited because I’ve learned more in a couple of weeks about this crucial skill from Alex Jeffreys than I had learned in months from all the other sources put together. I now know one of the very basic skills which will, as I build on it, lead to the fulfillment of my dreams. And I have a pretty good idea how to stop being a newbie. Be a puppy or a kitten. Alex says he never called himself a newbie but a puppy. I guess it’s about attitude. A puppy learns and grows to become a big dog.

But to stay here and now and grounded I’ll have to take it step by step. I’m sure there will be some hurdles, difficulties and things to overcome. Not the least of them my own self. I may miss or neglect some stepping stones and tumble and fall to a lower landing. I promise you to pick myself up when that happens and start on the way up the stairs again. I will keep you posted on those steps. Let’s learn together. Come back here again and see how I’m doing with the internet marketing with Alex Jeffreys.

Authored by Vance Sova

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