Meet fellow bloggers live and be sociable with them. You’ll have fun and learn a lot.

This post is the last one in 2010 and although it is meant to be very lighthearted it also has a bit of a serious streak in it and an admonition.

I have written about internet marketing networking before. But this post is very different. The main serious point before we get to the fun part is:

Get Away From Your Computer For A Few Days Each Month

The fun will start almost as soon as you do that. Since not everybody can attend big or even small events where bloggers and internet marketers meet, make it your goal for the soon coming new year to meet at least 2 or 3 internet marketers or bloggers one on one if you can’t meet more of them at once.

You’ll have fun getting out of your habitual environment and thought patterns and you will learn new things.

This is what I did in 2010 in addition to going to bigger events and it was well worth it. I met a cat blogger Oscar in Prague and while there I met SY also known as hospitalera. In the same city I met and interviewed a prominent expat blogger Ricky Yates.

I learned from all of them and enjoyed their company. Below is the video of my conversation with Ricky Yates about his blog with a Google rank of 4. Update July 20, 2018: Google ranking has now been long abolished and it was never a just system at all. I saw my blog reach rank 4 for a while and suddenly it was 2 and then 1 for no reason at all except change in algorithm and who knows what which was totally arbitrary and had nothing to do with content quality whatsoever.

You can view the video featuring the blogging cat Oscar and hospitalera by clicking on the link Blogging Cat. It’s the third video on that page the link will get you to.

And now we come to the fun video with A Kitten Inside A Boot. It also comes from Prague. It’s a video and a song from the early sixties.

Below the video you’ll find the text of the song in English. There is some wisdom in it as you’ll see.

The video itself is fun to watch even with no translation. There are some real life cute kittens at the end of the video so watch out for them.

The following verses  are the translation of the song text from the original Czech into English by Vance Sova. All Rights Reserved.

A Little Kitten

A little kitten

Slept inside a boot

Don’t quench

What’s not

Really burning you


What a kitten can say

With only a brief look

We humans can’t express

Even with many words


Know that a kitten

That sleeps in a boot

Will cause you to have

A happy, happy mood


So all boys and girls

Let us raise kittens

The globe is nice and round

And there is lots of room


Kittens are sociable

And will calm down your nerves

Do not be less than kind

And your anger will be gone


Did you enjoy the video and the song? How about what it has to say? In case you don’t like cats imagine puppies or any other animals you like.

What do you thing about the other things in this post? Do tweet this and leave a comment. If you do bookmarking I ask you to bookmark this as well.

Have a Happy and Very Prosperous New Year in 2011 and beyond.


Authored by Vance Sova

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