Marketing with Alex 3.0 has been launched on April 08, 2010. It is to be the last course of Alex Jeffreys, possibly for ever or at least for a while. It was preceded by a free ebook report Gurus Nightmare also available here.

Marketing With Alex 3.0 sales video is ready for viewing. Watch it now.

After watching the video you will want to check out the free ebook report.

About Gurus Nightmare

In Gurus Nightmare Alex is revealing why the internet marketing gurus are losing their grip.

In my post Alex Jeffreys Nixes Gurus Game months ago I was just guessing what Alex was going to do.

He had been talking about ending the gurus game but it wasn’t clear to anybody what he exactly meant by it.

Alex made it quite clear as early as last January in front of a good number of his students and guest speakers at Marketing With Alex Las Vegas Workshop 2010.

I highly recommend that you get his new report Gurus Nightmare to which he has poured his soul, blood, sweat and tears, as he says.

The long awaited Gurus Nightmare is available here, just click on the link Gurus Nightmare .

Download your free copy of Gurus Nightmare. Update July 20,2018: Gurus Nightmare is no longer available.

About Marketing With Alex 3.0

As a student of Marketing With Alex 2.0 and the participant in his very valuable and fun Las Vegas Workshop, I know a thing or two about Alex and his devotion to help others be a success and make money online.

With each course he gives he learns more about what works for his students.

Thus Marketing With Alex 2.0 was an improvement on already very successful Marketing With Alex 1.0.

But according to what Alex and his right hand Garry Parkes are saying,

Marketing With Alex 3.0 will be very different and much more comprehensive.

Alex has studied his students and the reasons behind the obvious success of some and the struggle to succeed of others. He claims that he has discovered why some succeed and some don’t.

But he’s not saying it’s the struggling students fault. He’s looking at better ways to teach them, improving what he does to make everyone succeed. (I wrote a post about Alex Jeffreys style and substance which you can read any time by clicking on the following: Alex Jeffreys Coaching Style.

In his new course he will be teaching everything in much more detail and will be covering the whole scope of internet marketing business.

He keeps on changing and improving things from week to week and even if he did not improve on the plans that he revealed in Las Vegas, the course would already be amazing.

So why am I writing this post ?

I want to inform everybody who is interested in learning internet marketing and how to succeed in building an online business about this new learning opportunity.

I’m not asking you to buy anything. In fact I want you to forget about buying more internet marketing courses in hopes of finding a magic wand.

Please stop and think about what you’ve bought so far and whether you are using it to its fullest potential, if at all.

Alex Jeffreys and his Marketing With Alex 3.0 is not going anywhere. Update July 20,2018: It’s no longer available. In fact the first rendition of MWA (Marketing With Alex) disappeared after 2 years or so. Most internet marketers aren’t willing to keep up their courses for more than a couple of years after they get their money. I naively believed otherwise.

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Authored by Vance Sova

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