You may be one of many aspiring bloggers who want to make money blogging.

While there seems to be no shortage of search results for the “make money blogging” phrase in Google and other search engines, the fact is that finding enough information in one place to have even a remote chance of making money blogging seems next to impossible.

I’m glad to have found what I think will help you learn how to make money blogging. It may not be the only thing you will need but it is a valuable one.

Make Money Blogging is the title of a new ebook by a successful blogger Daniel Scocco.

Before you decide to read it for yourself you may be interested in reading a short review of it right here.

Reading the ebook for the first time I was pleasantly surprised by finding some things which were new to me.

I’m not an expert on the subject but I have read a fair number of ebooks on making money through blogging and don’t come across new information about it that often anymore.

On the other hand a lot of information in the ebook is not new but a different terminology is used. For example Daniel Scocco uses Killer Articles for what Yaro Starak uses the term Pillar Articles.

Daniel’s ebook has valuable information for total beginners in the introduction.

Then it quickly goes into more advanced stuff.

It seems to be avoiding any talk of SEO by name like a plague.

I’m not sure why. It could have something to do with there being a good number of bloggers with nothing but disdain for SEO.

I’ve seen some posts recently virtually ridiculing those who advocate SEO. This is something that I personally don’t understand given the fact that SEO traffic is a free traffic.

You may want to read more about how I view the importance of SEO in my previous post: Earn Money Blogging.

The good thing is that the subject of search engine optimization is somewhat covered by Daniel’s ebook under different headings like Headlines, Blog Comments, Link When Possible, Guest Posting, etc.

So Daniel obviously understands and uses SEO himself without calling it as such.

My wish would be for him not to shy away from using the term because I think it is necessary for anyone blogging to be familiar with the term and what it stands for.

Make Money Blogging talks about establishing Authority First, Money Second.

It makes it abundantly clear that making money with blogging involves hard work.

The ebook is covering a lot of ground including making contacts with other bloggers, using social bookmarking sites, getting subscribers.

It goes into content ideas, posting frequency and many other helpful points.

What I like a lot is how Daniel makes sure that all points and the structure of the ebook make sense from the beginning to the end.

He first covers the basics and works his way up progressively to finally cover monetization with the following:

AdSense, CPM Ads, Direct Advertising and Sponsorship, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, and Beyond Advertising Money.

Make Money Blogging (that’s the link to the free ebook – you just have to opt in) is one of the best ebooks you can read if you want to blog and make money blogging.

It is in my opinion a very valuable read for complete beginners even if you may be able to initially use only a part of it and a required reading for those who already have some and/or a lot of experience blogging just to make sure that you aren’t missing on any important points.

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Let me know how you liked this review in your comments as well as how you liked Daniel’s ebook and if it was what you expected based on my post.


Authored by Vance Sova

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