List building step 2make free opt-in offer is the second vital step in successful list building. Without it, it will be very hard if not impossible to have people opt in to or join your email list.

(If you’ve missed List Building Step 1 – Get Autoresponder it is crucial that you go through it. And get the free e-book List Building With Alex.)

Unless you offer your blog or website visitors something valuable, they will have no reason to join your mailing list. Why would they?

And whatever you offer them needs to be free of charge. Otherwise, they are not likely to respond.

People, your site visitors, need to get a taste of what you have to offer them. They don’t know you and they most likely don’t trust you either.

People don’t like to be sold to especially by somebody they know nothing about. Even if they know you they want to check out and get a sample of what you have.

People love to buy from their friends or at least from people they know and trust.

We will get to building relationship with people that are on your list later.

Right now we need to learn about attracting them to our opt-in form and have them give you their name and e-mail.

Your opt in form should be prominently displayed above the fold of the web page and if you so choose even in the body of your post.

There are marketers who recommend displaying the opt in box up to 3 times per page.

You can point out to your opt in box and what is behind it in your post text as well like this:

To receive more free information on list building please fill out your first name and email address in the form provided and press the big button under it.

Have you opted in? I certainly hope so. If not, please do it now.

Your name and email is safe with me and will never be given out to anybody. I love and use AWeber and hate spam. AWeber is spam proof. You can opt out any time.

Make A Free Opt In Offer,

But What?

You can create your own report or e-book. It doesn’t have to be of big proportions, 5 to 50 pages is good.

Or you can offer a subscription to your newsletter.

If you are just starting like me, you can use a product that you have a license to and can give out freely.

Please make sure that you have the rights to do so in writing. Not everything that you purchase can be used in this way.

In fact it is very rare and you need to purchase the rights. Many so PLR (Private Label Rights) products can be sold but not given away for free.

Once you make sure you can use a product that you haven’t created yourself you need to ensure that it is a high quality product. Nobody will be happy with your offer if it is not.

I’m using Alex Jeffreys List Building With Alex e-book because I have been granted the rights and permission to do so.

It is an e-book of the highest quality that could easily be a required reading for all internet marketers who want to build a mailing list.

I’m currently working on my own product that I’ll be using as a free offer for list building as well. It may take from 1 month to 9 weeks to have it ready.

Once it is available all my readers will be able to get it here.

As soon as I learn how to create my own product and create it successfully I will share with you how I did it.

I hope that this post was helpful to you. Please ask any questions you may have about list building and give your suggestions in the comments.

Not everything may have been covered so far but there should be no doubt about the importance of List Building Step 2 : Make Free Opt-in Offer.


Authored by Vance Sova

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