List building steps are numerous. Step 1 is very crucial and fundamental. In order to be able to build a mailing list, to collect targeted e-mails, you will need to create an opt in box or form. To create an opt-in form you will need to get an autoresponder. The very best autoresponder service with unparalleled support that Alex Jeffreys, Vance Sova, Brian G Johnson, Marlon Sanders and the vast majority of successful internet marketers love is AWeber. I have never experienced a better service and customer support for any service or product. AWeber people make you feel like royalty and are extremely helpful.

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Another well known and apparently good company is GetResponse. You can look at both of them and any other you may find and then make your choice. Whichever company you choose, please make sure it is a good and reliable one. The two names mentioned are definitely the best.

What Kind Of Autoresponder You Don’t Want To Have:

I would strongly advise against using a free autoresponder. I’ve never used one myself but those who have say they were plagued by advertisements on it. So it really is not free and the service is nothing to rave about.

What you never want to do is to buy a cheap autoresponder of your own and put it on your server. (I’ve read pages offering such autoresponders claiming to save you money. But when I checked the links leading to the offer it was clear that they themselves used AWeber). Should you have your own autoresponder of this kind you will have to set it up yourself and maintain it. In case your server gets shut down you will be left with nothing and will have to start all over again.

What Kind Of Autoresponder You Want To Have:

What you do want is a reliable service and ease of use. You don’t need more headaches.

You want the kind of autoresponder that actually gets your e-mails delivered. With a lot of spam these days much of e-mail is filtered out as spam. Using reputable companies like AWeber and GetResponse that insist on double opt-ins will ensure that your mailings are reliably delivered.

I chose AWeber and I’m as happy as a clam.

You can do the same or you may want to use GetResponse if you like.

What I know about AWeber is this:

They will send you a physical, snail mail welcome letter with contact information. They will send you a welcome e-mail offering free webinars. They have instructional videos on how to do everything once you log in. They will most likely phone you to ask you if you need anything and giving you a toll free phone number to call in case you need help. Their help is live, real people you can talk to, no machines.

With this kind of service you won’t even need me to tell you how to use and set up the whole automated system.

I have participated in one free webinar by AWeber (they have many ) and I watched several of their instructional videos. I tend to be slow at times and having all these tools available feels like heaven. For smarter people it is sufficient if they just follow the set up wizard AWeber has.

In case you haven’t noticed, I now have an opt in box on this blog. (I have set it up by following the AWeber instructions). It is located towards the top of the page on the right side. If you haven’t done so already, please check it out and opt in to get the masterful free e-book “List Building With Alex Jeffreys”. That’s right, the list building wizard and my mentor Alex Jeffreys created it himself and it is a must read book. Alex’s approach is very unique and outrageously successful.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post on list building steps, step 1 – get autoresponder.


Authored by Vance Sova

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