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Guitar Column Sculpture at Guitar Gallery inside EMP Museum

Watch the Guitar Gallery, a giant column shaped sculpture made out of guitars, acoustic and electric and a few other musical instruments, at EMP Museum in Seattle. Although you can see a few drums and banjos, an accordion, a keyboard, and a viola or a large violin inside the sculpture, this exhibit and collection is dedicated to guitar history. Some of the guitars are played by electrically controlled mechanical devices which are clearly visible in this video as they do their work. The size of this guitar column or pillar is truly amazing. it’s a giant structured and functioning guitar pile that gets wider and wider from the bottom to the top.

How and when did this museum get started? The co-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen founded the EMP Museum in 2000. It’s located near the Seattle Space Needle and it’s well worth a visit or two or many more. There’s a lot to see there besides what is shown in this video.

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Playful Kittens, Linda & Tim, Having Fun

Watch playful kittens having fun. Cute Linda and Tim, six weeks old kittens, are playing together. They wrestle, chase each other and run around. It’s a play fight they are having and they enjoy it as they fully engage in it. Linda, the female kitten, is more active than her brother Tim.

She attacks more often but also runs away a lot. It could be because she is smaller. Male kittens and cats tend to be bigger and stronger than female kittens and cats and it’s so in this case too. Linda is more agile and it looks like she could easily outrun her brother if he bothered to really run.

You can also hear kitten sounds in this video. It’s Linda making them and they are a very high pitched squeaky sounds, almost like the sounds a squeaky toy or squeaky door would make.

Watching the kittens play is a lot of fun.

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Cute Beagle Dog

This really cute Beagle dog behind a garden fence shows the friendly nature Beagles have.

Beagles have been consistently among the most popular 10 dog breeds in the United States since 1915 and in 2007 they were the 5th most popular dog breed in the USA.

The famous character Snoopy is interestingly said to be based on Beagle.

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Cat Cleans Herself on Table, Knocks Down Bag

Whity, our favorite cat cleans herself on the table and later knocks down a cat food bag. This cat knows how to wash herself behind the ears.

As she cleans her back she purrs at the same time. Who says that cats don’t enjoy cleaning chores?

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Niagara Falls Adventure

Niagara Falls in winter is glorious and very cold.

Standing just above the top of the falls I felt someone push me which scared me a lot for a split second. Then we were having a good laugh with a friend.

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2 Cats: Affectionate Whity & Aloof Orinji

Seeing the most affectionate cat and the most aloof cat together is very interesting.

Being half Siamese gives the affectionate Whity a demanding streak which is compensated by her almost constant purring.

When a cat purrs it is very therapeutic.

Whity has a nickname too. It is Gourmet Cat. While she is always looking for food she doesn’t eat everything and is quite picky.

She also leaves one or two bites as if to say “I can control my appetite.”

The aloof cat Orinji, on the other hand, purrs rarely.
But he appreciates and finishes all the food he’s given.

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Blogging Cat Oscar

Blogging Cat Oscar reads the book Make Money Online by John Chow.

If you’ve never seen a cat blogger then Oscar is it. This cat has his own blog and resides in the beautiful city of Prague, Czech Republic.

You can see a screen shot of this unusual cat’s blog inside the video. Amazingly, Oscar, the blogging cat, has a picture of a dog on his blog.

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Beautiful Horses in Czech Republic

Beautiful Horses in Czech Republic near Hluboka and Ceske Budejovice in South Bohemia.

These pastures are along the bicycle path from Ceske Budejovice to Hluboka nad Vltavou.

The path designated also for roller skaters and pedestrians winds it’s way largely along the Vltava river, also known as the Moldau.

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Clay Tennis Court Preparation Fun

Clay tennis court preparation so common in Europe is something not seen very often, if at all, in North America.

I had a good laugh with a friend when making this video in Kremze, Czech Republic. The weather was near perfect (a bit too hot), the birds were singing and the anticipation before the game was great.

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River Rafting, the Pleasures of European Travels

River rafting on the Vltava River in Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic under the Cesky Krumlov castle is a fun activity to do and to watch.

Locals and foreign visitors from as far as Canada and United States “do” the river on rafts or canoes.

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Large Owl Encounter

Large owl encounter was a big surprise. We didn’t expect to see any tame birds when visiting the castle Bojnice in Slovakia.

Encountering this large owl was one of the biggest highlights of the day. The owl was so peaceful and friendly that we couldn’t resist posing with it.

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Metro Vancouver Dining

Metro Vancouver Dining is said to be one of the World’s best. Crescent Beach BC is a great spot to visit and to dine at Beecher Street Cafe may be an excellent choice for you as it was for us.

The food is great looking as you can see from this video. It is delicious as well and we were very happy with the service.

The current manager Ben Wristen is very courteous and helpful and happy to arrange for private events at Beecher Street Cafe as well.

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Badminton Canada Open

Badminton Canada Open in Richmond, BC 2010 was great.

Watch clips from the following games: Canada versus Germany, Denmark versus Japan, USA versus Japan and Canada versus South Korea.

Badminton had been my favorite game even before I discovered tennis.

I played it from my early teens till mid twenties. Tennis has replaced badminton in my life but being at the badminton Canada Open tournament and watching the great games has renewed my love for badminton and I’m ready to try playing it again at least in winter.

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Waikiki Beach Breakfast With A Rainbow

Outrigger Waikiki On The Beach and the adjacent Shore Bird Restaurant has to be the best place for a breakfast on Waikiki Beach especially if you want to see a rainbow and other entertaining features like the historic ceiling fans, weddings taking place near the shore and the early activities of the ocean lovers.

The rainbow, if you are as lucky as we were to see it, gives an extra doze of amazement at the beauty of this place.

Although the locals may tell you that the rainbow is quite a common site to see, for the occasional visitor it is not so.

The food is delicious too. Shore Bird is a fitting name for the restaurant as birds are readily seen there. They are very well behaved and won’t bother you at all.

They are a welcome addition to the whole scene.

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Diamond Head, Royal Hawaiian, Waikiki 20 Min. To Sunset

The hike up to Diamond Head is fun but if you don’t make it there every time you visit Waikiki and Oahu you can always enjoy looking at it from the beach.

Another very enjoyable object to look at when you’re on the Waikiki beach is the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. It’s been there for a while and it could tell some interesting tales if it could speak.

About twenty minutes before sunset the atmosphere on the beach is very relaxed and the sun is illuminating the Diamond Head and the Hotels with a golden magical light.

This is probably as close to paradise as we can get. Enjoy.

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Hawaii Sunset At Waikiki Beach

Hawaii sunset at Waikiki Beach is a very scenic and serene experience.

No sunset is ever the same. Every day brings with it a unique sunset scene that will never be repeated. It is only the inattentive ones who don’t look at things afresh that always see the same thing.

In order to savor the flavor of each unique Hawaiian sunset you need to observe very carefully. The color and the size of the sun will appear different depending on the quality of air above the horizon.

As I mention inside the video, the sun appeared about three times smaller at sunset just the night before. And the color of the sun was rather yellow than red.

The biggest and the reddest sun during any sunset in Hawaii that I’ve ever seen appeared in Maui several years ago. It was when the smoke from a sugar cane mill got mixed with the air just before sunset.

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Surfing Pipe Masters Competition, Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

Billabong Pipe Masters 2010 at Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii started on December 08 and these clips were taken on that day.

It seems that Pipeline Masters is interchangeable with Pipe Masters. The words pipe or pipeline clearly refer to the tubes created by the waves.

This year’s event was scheduled to run from December 08 till December 20. I guess that this could possibly be extended due to some unforeseen weather conditions.

This year’s event is also dedicated to the memory of Andy Irons who used to very successfully participate in Billabong Pipeline Masters and won several times. Andy has passed away on November 02, 2010.

These video clips are taken as seen by the naked eye, without the use of a zoom. If you decide to visit this or any similar event in the future, it is a good idea to bring a pair of binoculars for your viewing pleasure.

I have brought mine and they do make a huge difference.

The two clearly recognizable competitors shown in this video are both locals. Dave Wassel (from the Garden Isle) and Shane Dorian. Both were doing quite well.

I think that Luke Munro of Australia has come out slightly ahead of Shane Dorian.

If you want to know which countries get involved in this fascinating sport, pay attention at the beginning of the video.

Above all, enjoy watching and have a lot of fun.

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Lava Cake Gets Lava Poured Over It In Honolulu

Eating lava cake in Cattle Company Steakhouse in Honolulu, Hawaii is a real treat. Where else than in Hawaii is real lava so abundant?

The lava cake is of course not at all composed of lava but it is more interesting eating it in a lava related place as the Hawaiian Islands definitely are.

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Dolphins Frolicking At Sea Life Park, Hawaii

Dolphins at Sea Life Park in Oahu, Hawaii are an absolute delight, especially when they swim around freely without having to perform in a show as depicted in this video.

Dolphins are very social and they like to swim together after swimming alone for a short while. That is why you’ll see them coming from all sides and virtually merging together every so often.

Dolphins have a very sensitive and smooth skin. They have been known to protect humans against sharks.

Dolphins have brains larger than humans and their intelligence is unquestionably very high.

Sea Life Park has dolphin shows, dolphin encounter and even a swim with dolphins. It was sufficient for us to participate in the dolphin encounter where we could touch the dolphins, greet them and even kiss one of them.

Dolphins are very exciting to see close up and if you are in Hawaii the Sea Life Park is a very good place to do just that.

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Cat in my Lap Purring, Licking Itself, Yawning and Purring More

Yawning cat purring in a lap and licking itself is such a cute and calming sight and sound. Our cat Whity makes herself comfortably placed in my lap which makes her a happy cat which she shows by purring loudly.

Licking herself she washes away anything undesirable and doing this she keeps on purring. After a while she gets a bit tired and sleepy which causes her to yawn. Since she’s still awake she continues to purr to our delight for a while yet.

It’s like a beautiful music. Enjoy.

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Shinkansen Bullet Train Arriving at Kobe

Shinkansen, the Bullet Train in Japan is a great way to see the country. Here it is shown arriving at Kobe to the Shin Kobe Station.

The speed of the train while traveling at full speed can be compared to the speed of a jumbo jet at take off just before it’s airborn.

Seeing the green tea fields on the way from Kobe to Himeji and to Hiroshima is priceless.

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Shinkasnsen Leaving Shin-Kobe Station

Shinkansen Bullet Train in Japan uses separate tracks and train stations from the other trains.

The Bullet Train stations are called Shin (short from Shinkansen) plus the name of the city, for example the Kobe station for these trains is Shin-Kobe, the Kyoto station is Shin-Kyoto and the Tokyo station is Shin Tokyo.

This video shows Shinkansen leaving the Shin-Kobe station.

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Scenic Vancouver Train Ride

The train ride between Marine Drive Station in Vancouver and Aberdeen Station in Richmond on Vancouver SkyTrain is one of the most scenic train rides on a transit train anywhere.

Watch the snow covered North Shore Mountains like the Lions, the Grouse Mountain and the mountains to the east and south-east in their winter best.

Some of the mountains retain snow well into the summer months and some, like Mount Baker which is also visible from this train are under the snow all year long.


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Bridge Crossing With A View

Alex Fraser Bridge crossing in Metro Vancouver is fabulously spectacular, especially going from Surrey to Vancouver, there are amazing views of the North Shore Mountains on clear days.

In the winter, which is when this video was filmed, the views are at their best because of the plentiful snow covering the mountains. It is usual, like this winter to have over 4 meters (15 feet) of snow at the mountain tops.

The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver was the exception and snow was in short supply just before the games were to start and during the event. I had to put this in for those who live far away from Vancouver and may have the impression from the media they listened to at that time that there is lack of snow here on a regular basis.

Enjoy the bridge crossing and the great view.

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Trams-Streetcars in Plzen-Pilsen (A Home of Original Pilsner Beer)

Trams or streetcars are a common sight in the Czech fourth largest city of Plzen also known as Pilsen. The first tram or streetcar line in Plzen started in 1899.

Plzen has about 173,000 inhabitants which makes it the 4th largest Czech city according to population, after Prague or Praha, Brno and Ostrava.

Plzen or Pilsen was chosen in 2010 to be the European capital of culture for the year 2015 together with the Belgian city of Mons.

The city of Plzen has the tallest church tower in the Czech Republic at 102 meters and the second largest synagogue in Europe after the Dohany Street Synagogue in Budapest, Hungary.

That’s a bit of figures and history for you in case you wanted to know a little bit more about the place in addition to watching the streetcars or trams.

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T-Rex Dinosaur

Dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus Rex can be seen in real life size at Dino Park in Prague, Czech Republic on the roof of a Harfa mall in Vysocany, close to the Subway or Metro Station Ceskomoravska.

Tyrannosaurus Rex also known as T Rex is the most recognized dinosaur in popular culture and the only one commonly known by it’s full name.

It is a tyrannosaurid belonging to carnivorous theropods that lived in Western North America from Saskatchewan in today’s Canada to New Mexico in what is now the United States of America 65 to 67 million years ago.

Tyrannosaurus Rex means Tyrant Lizard King. It reached adulthood at 18 years and usually died about 6 to 12 years after reaching maturity but may have lived up to 40 years of age.

It is now supposed that it was closer in relation to today’s birds like chicken and therefore warm blooded than to today’s reptiles which are cold blooded.

It likely had binocular vision, even better than today’s hawks. It may have been able to run 40 to 70 kilometers per hour or 25 to 43 mph. it seems that it was an active predator hunting other animals as well as a scavenger.

It was up to 12.8 meters long sand 4 meters high, weighing 5 to 7 metric tons.

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Scenic Sea to Sky Hwy Ride Vancouver-Whistler

Sea to Sky Highway is very scenic. Watch parts of it in this video taken during a Vancouver to Whistler ride and on the way back. When you go to Whistler on this highway you will pass through Squamish.

Even if you don’t have too much time to spend at Whistler, which is a great place to visit and explore, provided the weather is good, the ride there and back is in itself well worth it because of the beautiful scenery.

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Funny Smart Cat Paws Cat Treat Bag

A funny cat is not always a smart cat but to us Whity is both. Watch this half siamese cat paw at cat food treat bag and even sticking her paw inside it. That’s our cute kitty in action.

Whity purrs a lot most of the time and you can hear some purring in this video too but not as much as usual due largely to background noise and a lot of concentration on getting the food out of the bag. At the moments in this video when Whity gets the food you can hear her purr shortly if you listen closely.

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Vancouver’s Craft Beer – Extra Special Bitter Red Racer – Aromatic Beer

Extra Special Bitter Red Racer Beer or ESB Red Racer is a craft beer with aromatic and nutty flavor that is very special and enjoyable. This red or red-amber colored craft beer is Brewed in Metro Vancouver in a micro brewery called Central City Brewing.

I discovered this wonderfully tasting beer in Main on Main Restaurant in Vancouver by accident with a friend who is a very knowledgeable but unrecognized beer tasting connoisseur. We went to Main on Main for dinner.

We had no idea what this beer was like and have never heard of the brewery either.

After tasting the beer it was clear to us that it’s the best tasting beer the restaurant had to offer. Then I decided to find out more about it.

ESB Red Racer beer is actually an English style ale, a classic English bitter of the extra bitter kind. It uses crystal malt made from English barley which gives it the red or red-amber color and the special aromatic and nutty flavor.

Extra Special Red Racer is brewed using European hops tempered with Yakima hops to give it the added North West local edge. (Yakima is located south east from Vancouver).

ESB Red Racer beer contains 5,6% of alcohol and it’s a great food beer, meaning that it’s great to have with food, whether it’s with steak, nachos or any food that would be good with wine too.

The guy behind the beer is Gary Lohin who is the brewmaster and a partner in Central City Brewing Company. Born and raised in Vancouver BC he also founded the first brewpub in North Vancouver called Sailor Hagar’s in 1994. (It seems that this pub in North Vancouver doesn’t have any association with the man anymore since they don’t have the red racer beer there).

Central City Brewing has won 35 brewing awards since 2008 including Brewery of the Year from Canadian Brewing Awards in 2010.

If you drink beer and haven’t tried ESB Red Racer you may want to try it.

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