Is Google Really Smart?

Consider This Real Story

Today I received an email from a long time internet marketer in which he shared some tips on how to take advantage of the new tabs in Google Gmail.

He also expressed his view that Google is smart. No doubt about some form of smartness Google has. After all they have close to 70% of search engine market. And they are into other things in which they do quite well.

Google can also be positively weird and it can be very ruthless.

Is Google walking all over us?

But let’s stick to Google being smart subject and look at what happened to me a day and a half ago using Gmail.

I was logging into one of my Gmail accounts as usual and I was using Google Chrome on my own computer. I filled in my user name and password and pressed enter. Google said that the user name or password were incorrect. I used the correct ones but for some reason Google thought otherwise.

As I proceeded to communicate with it, of course not with any of their staff as they don’t talk to anyone, but communicating with their system, I was told that there was no such email with that kind of user name.

No matter what I did, including turning off Chrome and starting all over again, as far as Google was concerned that email of mine didn’t exist.

So I tried to log in on my smart phone into the same email account using the same user name and password and it worked normally. I sent and received a few emails using it on my smart phone. Then I went back to Chrome on my computer and found that my account still didn’t exist.

Then I had an idea to try to log in into that same account using the Firefox browser. It worked there.

So, is Google really that smart?

Intro to Random Stuff-News-Views-Rants Category

If you have a look at my blog you’ll get an idea about the main topics it focuses on. You can have a quick look at the categories and it’s pretty clear.

Once in a while I feel like writing about something else as things happen out there generally or directly to me and to those that I know of.

For that reason I’ve decided to create a new category for this blog in which I will freely write about anything I want to. This is my blog and I don’t need to limit what I write about.

It may be good for my readers too to once in a while read about other topics here.

I hope you will have fun reading things in this category. It will allow us, you and me, my dear readers, to get to know one another better and from different angles.

I  want to know what you think. I encourage you to comment on topics that you find interesting and that you have something to say about.

How do you like having the Random Stuff-News-Views-Rants category on this blog?

Please comment and tell me which topics you’d like to see covered the most in this catergory. I may have nothing or very little to say on many subjects but if I can say something on your particular favorite subject then I’ll do my best to do so.

Note: Please don’t forget to, at any time, suggest any subject related to Internet Marketing as that is still the main topic of this blog.

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Authored by Vance Sova

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