Internet Marketing with Alex Jeffreys is my first post on this blog site. It will start to document my journey from the real beginning of my internet marketing life. The real starting point of a lifestyle that is the dream of mine and perhaps your dream too. As you can see, I really don’t know what I’m doing but that’s OK. I’m learning now. If you are a guru of the net then you are about to leave this page. My guess is that by now I’m only with my targeted audience, the fellow students of the trade.

Is this my very beginning on the internet? Not exactly. In the last few months I have learned a few things already and have attempted to build a couple of sites. They are up and I’m proud of them. But are they making any money yet? Nope. You see, I really didn’t know the basics before I started. So I was building without the foundation. There was so much to be learned. I didn’t even know how to copy and paste. I felt like a complete idiot. I was sure that 99.9% of all people on this planet that ever touched a computer keyboard were ahead of me. And I don’t mean internet marketers. I mean anybody from toddlers to the ancients.

I had no clue where to start so I just did something. And I kept on learning things which seemed useful but didn’t bring me any dollars. Only a cent here and a penny there. Sometimes I read and heard about how important it is to have a mailing list. But how to build a list or any useful information on list building was strangely lacking in all the materials that I picked up. Usually I was told that the key is to get traffic first. That may seem a valid point but what was I going to do with the traffic without a list, without knowing how to capture the visitors, without knowing how to avoid losing them forever?

I became very frustrated when I fully realized that I needed a squeeze page or at least an opt in box. I was getting extremely frustrated because it was so hard to get any tangible information on it in all the courses I bought. I had several hundreds of hungry professional internet marketers and gurus following me on twitter trying to sell me something. So I thought if I tweet a request for information on the subject I would be flooded with offers. Not one peep or tweet came in reply. I thought, is anybody reading my desperate tweets? I still needed to learn how to stop being a newbie.

Then somehow I came across Alex Jeffreys and his Marketing With Alex Coaching Course. I was very skeptical about it. Was it another hyped up scheme to get my money and leave me in the mud? During the first module session my fears were removed. Not only could I hear in Alex’s voice that this was going to be different. I could feel he definitely cared and wanted me to succeed more than he cared about money. There are some great teachers whom I may mention later who have the same great attitude. So caring wasn’t all I was looking for and it wouldn’t have convinced me by itself. What convinced me in addition to that was what Alex J. was talking about and to what he was pointing the most. He actually dwelt on the mailing list and list building as the very foundation for quite a while and said that the first thing we’d be learning and doing was exactly that.

I’m incredibly excited because I’ve learned more in a couple of weeks about this crucial skill from Alex Jeffreys than I had learned in months from all the other sources put together. I now know one of the very basic skills which will, as I build on it, lead to the fulfillment of my dreams. And I have a pretty good idea how to stop being a newbie. Be a puppy or a kitten. Alex says he never called himself a newbie but a puppy. I guess it’s about attitude. A puppy learns and grows to become a big dog.

But to stay here and now and grounded I’ll have to take it step by step. I’m sure there will be some hurdles, difficulties and things to overcome. Not the least of them my own self. I may miss or neglect some stepping stones and tumble and fall to a lower landing. I promise you to pick myself up when that happens and start on the way up the stairs again. I will keep you posted on those steps. Let’s learn together. Come back here again and see how I’m doing with the internet marketing with Alex Jeffreys.

Authored by Vance Sova

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