Internet Marketing Networking at the Dot Com Pho without John Chow this time was a lot of fun. We discussed Facebook and the Amega Magic Wand besides having a lot of fun.

Facebook is something that I will be coming back to later in this post and even more so in my future posts because it is a great tool for many things including email list building.

You may or may not recall my post 5 Reasons For Internet Marketing Networking I wrote about Internet Marketing Networking and how important it is to be participating in it.

In that post I also pointed out how Google and all the other search engines aren’t yet able to distinguish it from Network Marketing.

Well, there has been no progress on that yet and the confusion is still being perpetuated.

To make it clear again what the difference between the two is I will try to define them very briefly as best as I can.

What is Internet Marketing Networking?

Internet Marketing Networking is an event or activity during which the participants, who all engage in some type of internet marketing, exchange experiences and contact information with one another.

What is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing is a new better sounding name for MLM or Multi Level Marketing.

Without going into the details of how Network Marketing or MLM works, it is clear to most people that it has very little to do with Internet Marketing, at least originally.

Some savvy Multi Level Marketers or Network Marketers like Ann Sieg have in the last 2 or 3 years started doing the marketing of Network Marketing online and called it Internet Network Marketing.

Just because they use the internet to attract leads and new converts into their business, it does’t change the nature of Network Marketing or MLM completely or even significantly.

Their business and income is still primarily tied with the Multi Level scheme and the products of the Multi Level or Network Marketing company.

On the other hand Internet Marketers aren’t tied to any Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing company, its scheme or products.

Google and the other search engines should be able to distinguish between Internet Marketing Networking and Network Marketing and even Internet Network Marketing.

Please let me know if my definitions above make it clear enough for you.

Amega Magic Wand and Switch On AMGeneX Demonstrated

Part of the reason why I’m revisiting this subject is the fact that for the first time ever, as far as I know, one of the participants at the last Dot Com Pho, Moneca Yardley, happenes to be a Network Marketer.

All the rest of us at the Pho meeting are, however, just Internet Marketers and so the meeting is still about Internet Marketing Networking.

This brings a question to my mind and perhaps yours too about what the proper name would be for a meeting of Network Marketers, those who do their network marketing with the help of the internet.

I think that it would have to be something like Internet Network Marketing Networking or for short INM Networking.

While it seems that everything will eventually get intricately connected with the internet, the difference between Internet Marketing and Network Marketing will always be very significant and fundamental.

I’ll let the video from the last Pho speak for itself about the products Moneca is promoting. They are carried by a company called Amega Global and the two products we were shown were Amega Wand, (we called it Magic Wand or Amega Magic Wand) and AMGenex also called Switch On.

Just to make it clear, I’m just reporting on the event in which I participated spontaneously without any possibility of financial gain.

I do not sell, profit from, neither have I bought any of the products of Amega Global. The Dot Com Pho is an admission free Internet Marketing Networking lunch meeting where each participant buys their own lunch.

We did have a lot of fun and plenty of laughs. At the first part of the video you will find out about the Flip cameras and a discussion about Facebook. I’ll write about Facebook more in my future posts as this is getting long enough.

Video  from the Packed Dot Com Pho with John Chow, Feb. 19, 2011

What to do now?

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What do you think of MLM or Network Marketing?

What about the products shown in the video above? Is it all a gimmick or is there something to them?

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Authored by Vance Sova


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