Last Saturday internet marketing gurus talked about the Android and iPhone smart phones and beer as they gathered for a networking lunch for bloggers we call Dot Com Pho to which everybody interested in internet marketing and blogging is welcome.

While I’m not counting myself as a full blown guru, my meeting with these guys and getting to know them and what they do and how they do it is certainly helping.

The top blogging guru that was present was John Chow.

This is a continuation of what is now turning out to be my blog posts series on internet marketing live networking. Reading all my posts on this subject would be an excellent idea.

To start with read these two: Internet Marketing Networking, Facebook and Succeed Online by Networking.

As time goes on I write less and less about the obvious virtues of doing live internet marketing networking and more about what actually happens at the ones I’m attending.

Even better than just writing about it is posting some videos from there. In this post you can find and view three of them.

The first one is about John Chow’s friend Michael Kwan who went to the dark side or joined the ranks of the forces of the light, depending on whether you prefer the iPhone or the Android and which of them you think is destined to win the battle of the smart phones.

Watch Michael Kwan talk about the Android phone whose ranks he joined right below

It is amazing to me that 5 or 6 regular Dot Com Pho attendees are now carrying the Android. They are now in majority.

But not all is lost to the cosmic sounding phone. The iPhone still has its fans and the top gun, John Chow, is not jumping the ship.

John Chow let it be known that he is going to get the iPhone 5 when it becomes available in October.

Watch and listen to John Chow talk about the iPhone 5 just below

Are Dot Com Pho lunches all about business and no fun? I’d say the opposite is true. And to prove it I made a video for you of us talking about beer.

It is important to know what one is ingesting and have an idea where it originated and where it’s made. To no one’s surprise things aren’t necessarily made where they originated from anymore.

Thus not all Japanese beer or Czech beer is brewed in those countries.

Where was the Japanese Asahi beer John Chow ordered and drank brewed?

Was it Japan, the Philippines or where?

Watch the video below to find out where John Chow’s Asahi beer was brewed and more

Now it’s time for you to post your comment.

Tell me which smart phone you prefer and own or are going to get.

Will Android continue to take away market share from iPhone?

Which is your favorite beer and do you care where it’s made?

Are you networking live with other bloggers, if not are you inclined to do so soon?

Post your comments and tweet and bookmark the post to enable others to participate in the discussion.


Authored by Vance Sova

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