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How To Get Your Blog 10 Times More Popular

A lot of work goes into writing blog posts that people actually want to read, and perhaps more importantly, cite in their own work. The best in the world have an active comments section and catchy post titles. Do you want to be the guru or the guilty pleasure?

Here are ten tips to becoming more popular in the blogosphere:

  1. Make yourself known: You are more than likely a member of blogs that you read for enjoyment. Make some relevant comments and you will attract readers who want to add YOUR blog to their daily online diet.
  2. Be Vulnerable: Do not be afraid to admit your shortcomings to the world. This adds a level of ‘humanity’ to your posts, giving your readers something to sympathize with. It also encourages comments because many readers feel compelled to come up with solutions.
  3. Invite comments: Ask for feedback on ideas that you’re pondering. Do a roll call to see who is reading your work. You want your readers to be active and involved with the ideas that you are talking about. They have similar interests as you do, and might have great insights.
  4. Encourage others to share among themselves: This relates to step #3. You want your readers to be offering something relevant to you and to the others around you. Encourage your readers to talk with one another. You might learn something that you didn’t know.
  5. Make awesome titles: Offer something that sparks your reader’s curiosity. Instead of ‘5 ways to lose weight,’ try out ‘How I lost a pound a day for 5 months.’ Be fun with your title, thinking about the ones that attract your attention. Your originality brings in the viewers to your site.
  6. Appeal to the right brain instead of the left: Use pictures to demonstrate your points. This sets the emotional side of your brain in motion, rather than the one which has to translate words into meanings. People are also attracted to pretty things.
  7. Write about your passions: It is quite obvious to others if you’re writing about something you know nothing about. The way to set yourself apart from the others and be seen as an expert is by writing about things that you know. The more you know, the more you can share. The more you can share, the more value you have to your readers.
  8. Make your blog readable: A garish striped background with black frames is distracting. Readers need to be focused on the text, rather than on how loud your background is. Use bulleted lists and make your points concisely.
  9. Have contests: Don’t be afraid to have contests for your readers. See who can comment the most on your blog in a month. Who can draw the best picture of a llama? The contest makes no difference as long as they are compelling and. Your readers want to be engaged, and you want to get the page views.
  10. Write just enough to keep the reader’s attention: Have you read blog posts that feel like you’re walking a desert road? Split your text up if you find that you’re going too long. If your post is too short, try ‘expanding the lens’ to make it more general.

People want to read your blog because you offer some enrichment to their lives. You have informative posts for the readers. You might write some great humor. You could share common interests. All of these are valid reasons for reading others’ blogs. How do you make others desire your blog?

I need your comments here. Which of the above 10 tips are you already implementing?

Which of the ten tips to make your blog more popular is the most appealing to you and one that you are most likely to implement first?

What is working for you the most in attracting more readers?

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James Adams is a staff writer at Cartridge Save where he reviews popular items like the HP 343 ink cartridge and helps to maintain their design and marketing blog.


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