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Google’s newest update that is expected within one to eight days could be earth shattering for many. I’ve learned a lot since my last post where I speculated as to why Google has kicked my blog down a notch when it comes to the PR of it and its pages and why many of the links have vanished. I have never done any artificial link building but that doesn’t seem to matter so much. It’s just that links lost their value in general.

There was an indication of what was coming up with Google in my post about Google going social. But what is really happening and what is going to happen with Google and Google+ is much more revolutionary than I could have ever imagined then.

Google+ is much more than just an attempt to compete with Facebook. It is something almost entirely different. It serves for the preparation of the next generation of search services. Google+ is getting context, the preferences and likes of people. It lets Google aggregate all the information from across of their platforms. Google Now analyzes and anticipates what people will want and what they’ll look for even before they know it themselves. It’s contextually based search anticipating people’s needs.

This is why links in the old sense don’t work and won’t work anymore. Google may even punish you for the links that you have if they were built artificially. If they are legitimate they will just lose any value they may have had.

Based on history, it would seem that Google has come up with huge changes on or close to the last Friday of August. This is why it’s very likely that the big coming Google update may start within one to 8 days from today. It could be as soon as Friday, August 31, 2012.

No matter when it will happen, the date is not that important. The trend has been set and the fact that the coming update will be big has been indicated by Matt Cutts. One of his tweets from yesterday seems to be a warning to sites with Word Press on them. They’ll be scrutinized even more because they are often used by spammers. If you are a legitimate and well behaving WP user, then you should be OK.

The whole internet and online landscape seems to be undergoing a big change and Google is changing with it. They are changing in order to survive and to prosper. The Apple iPhone, its Siri and other smart phones and mobile devices like tablets have shaken Google up. They do have to act and they are acting right now. People use the internet differently than they used to. Roughly 50% of all searches are now done from mobile devices. People want instant and relevant results.

Unless you are a spammer you shouldn’t be afraid of what Google is doing and what it will do in the future. Always work according to their rules and do what they like and you should be fine. The rules will always be changing so the need to adopt them will always be there. But working within the current rules will make any future changes easier.

What’s your take on the changes with Google and the online space? How much internet browsing do you do using a mobile device like a smart phone or a tablet?

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Authored by Vance Sova

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