Increase Blog Traffic, Get Traffic Using Blog Comments

You can get blog traffic to go up dramatically within hours, days and weeks when you decide to use blog comments.

Blog traffic increase can mean a boost to your mood and in some cases even to your bottom line.

If you are just starting to blog and have no traffic at all you will get traffic to your blog for sure using this method. It produces results very quickly.

Blog comments are a great way to increase blog traffic at no cost to you, except of course you need to spend some time.

But if you like blogging you most likely also like reading what other people blog about. And when you read interesting blogs, commenting is not hard at all.

Blog Commenting Is A Part Of SEO Strategy

If you’ve read my previous post on blogging seo strategy you’ll know that I mentioned link building there. If you haven’t read it here’s the link: Blogging Seo Strategy.

By writing comments of value you can be reasonably sure that your comments will be approved. What is a comment of value? I’ve covered that in my other post on traffic which you can read (it’s covered under point #4) here: Get Traffic To Opt In.

How You Get Traffic To Your Blog Through Comments

I must admit that when I first heard about commenting in connection with getting traffic to my blog I was very skeptical. But I started to do it anyway. And I continue doing it because

I found that it produces results in at least three tangible ways:

1) You get blog links when your comments are approved

2) You get visitors to your blog that read your comments

3) You get comments on your blog from some of those visitors

And then there are some intangible and long term benefits

For example you’ll meet people and some of them you’ll become friends with.

That alone is a great benefit. But friends talk and that may bring you more visitors too.

There is a potential of future JV partnerships but we’ll leave that alone now.

Another long term benefit will come through the accumulation and aging of links which will help your blog to be placed higher in search engines.

This is the SEO benefit which starts early but takes more pronounced effect with time.

Ninety Eight Visitors From One Comment

Yes, I’ve received 98 visitors to my blog from just one comment. That comment was on a blog post that attracted a lot of visitors many of whom decided to visit my blog.

None of them left a comment but they spent on average 16 minutes reading what I had to say here. They kept on coming at the rate of 4 to 5 per day for three whole weeks.

A few days later a comment on another blog brought me 37 visitors over one week.

The traffic from both blogs started to pour in within 10 hours from posting my comments.

Not every comment will produce exciting results like these.

Sometimes it may take a couple of weeks or even months before a visitor arrives as a result.

But when such visitor spends half an hour reading on your blog I think even that is well worth it.

And to be sure, some comments won’t bring you any direct visitors at all.

But you’ll still get a link.

And some links are amazingly valuable and will bring you traffic for a long time sooner or later.

I may cover the kinds of links that are out there and their values at some other time.

What to do now?

1) You want to leave a comment on my blog whether you like this post or not and express your opinion.

2) If you liked what you’ve just read Digg it, Delicious it, Tweet it and Technorati it or use any other bookmarking of your choice.

The bookmark icons are further below.

3) Start practicing blog commenting on other blogs after making a good start here.

Thank you for visiting and for doing the above 3 points.


Authored by Vance Sova

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