You can get a lot of traffic from posting valuable comments. Everybody wants more traffic and commenting indeed does work if the comments contribute value to the posts they are added to.

Unfortunately many people seem to have heard about getting traffic from comments but have no idea about those comments needing to be of value.

It is ironic that in the last 30 days I have received more spam comments than ever on a post devoted to getting traffic from commenting which I wrote and posted on my blog about 15 months ago.

Since there is nothing about encouraging spam commenting in that post I have to wonder where these people posting comment trash learned to do that.

Anybody with an intelligence of a ten year old knows that spam in any form is not welcome.

Why is it then that people who have blogs and bank accounts think that their spam and trash comments will be approved?

They most definitely won’t.

But even if by some temporary inattention or a mistake they were to be approved, why aren’t the authors of this trash smart enough to realize the obvious?

Even if some other visitor to the same blog where the worthless comment found its way reads the trash, they won’t be in the least interested in reading anything else from the feeble-minded author of it.

If you are fairly new to blogging or if you are a prolific blogger but haven’t considered commenting before, you may want to read my blog post that I mentioned above. The title of the post is Get Blog Traffic Increase With Blog Comments.

That post received 75 comments, soon after it was published, which were approved and several dozen of trash comments lately.

It seems that spammers like to post their trash on older posts with the hope of not being caught. Not very smart behavior again.

People who spam comment think that they are smart and everybody else is stupid. They think that if they post 5 spam comments on the same post with slight wording variation that at least one of them will be approved.

People who spam comment are convinced that Google is stupid too. They must think that even if nobody visits their blog due to their worthless comments that at least Google will count their links due to the spam comments that will somehow make it through.

Don’t be a spam idiot posting spam comments that will only end up in trash and will damage your reputation with anybody who reads them and also with Google.

Be smart and post proper and valuable comments on other blogs and you’ll get traffic from them. I certainly have gotten traffic that way and continue getting it.

Have you read the post I suggested to you yet? It tells a story of my getting traffic from posting valuable comments with some concrete numbers.

Before you leave decent comments on this post you may want to watch a video or two, three or even four, if you like, from small internet marketing networking events that took place recently. The most recent ones come first:

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What to do now?

1) Leave a comment telling me and the other readers what you think about trash or spam comments and those who are posting them.

2) Add anything else that comes to your mind about commenting and make your comment into a model comment of value of the best quality or, if you are less generous today, of a slightly better than passable quality and state which you think it is.

3) Tweet and bookmark this post for others to find it and leave their own comment or, even better for you, visit your own blog because of the comment you have left here.


Authored by Vance Sova

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