What’s The First League of

Extraordinary Minds Panel Like?

First Extraordinary Minds Panel of seven plus Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren really pulled it off. Hours of lively and captivating discussion on a twofold topic:

Getting Customers To Choose You Over Everyone Else,

Leveraging Credibility, Believability and Trust In Everything You Do.

Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren were taking turns in asking the panelists probing questions making it very interesting and engaging.

I must admit that I didn’t know much if anything about the staring participants in the session discussion aside from Rich and Jay except that they were recognized experts and capacities in what they do.

You can test your own familiarity (or not) with these outstanding individuals.

The 7 Panelists Revealed

Jack Trout – recognized world’s foremost marketing strategist who writes as well, his latest book is In Search of the Obvious, In Search of the Obvious

Joseph Jaffe – author of “Life After the 30-second Spot” and the older and well known book Join the Conversation,

Kevin Hogan – the persuasion and body language expert and the author of a remarkable book “Psychology of Persuasion”,

Michael Bosworth – author of “Customer Centric Selling”,

Russell Granger – wrote “7 Triggers to YES: The New Science Influencing People’s Decisions”,

Bert Decker – of Decker Communications and the author of a very remarkable book “You’ve Got To Be Believed To Be Heard”

and to crown it all

Stephen M.R. Covey – trainer, consultant and “The Speed of Trust” author.

What To Do Now?

While it would be a lot of fun to share with you everything that happened during the first panel session it would just take too long for me to write and for you to read it.

I doubt that I could do it justice in writing. Hearing it live is just something else. I highly recommend that you to take the free trial offer which will allow you to attend the next several sessions of the League of Extraordinary Minds and see for yourself if you’d want to continue with the paid program.

You may already know that I’m no fan of following the crowd. But there is something to be said about the fact that more than 27,000 business minded people have already joined the League.

The first extraordinary minds panel was only a small foretaste of what is yet to come. Why miss on something so obviously beneficial, why not glean some wisdom now without having to pay for it?

Take the plunge to profit from extraordinary minds. You may be one too.

Rich Schefren & Jay Abraham will do all they can to make that a reality.

In case you’re not fully aware of who the above panelists are,

you can check on some of them by clicking on their names here:

Jack Trout, Joseph Jaffe, Kevin Hogan, Michael Bosworth, Bert Decker,

Stephen M.R Covey.

Authored by Vance Sova

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