Social media and marketing are now very much connected. There is no longer any doubt about it. In this post we’ll look at Facebook Marketing 2013.

In case you still have any doubts about the usefulness of Facebook for marketing, please read the next 4 short paragraphs carefully.

The way social media and especially Facebook are viewed by marketers has changed dramatically. It’s not that long ago when a very successful UK marketer said that using Facebook and other social media for marketing was a waste of time. To prove that he was serious about what he was saying, he closed his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Within less than a year he reversed himself and now he’s using Facebook big time.

Facebook Marketing 2013

Another internet marketer, not so famous but getting there, at the time when social media was still in doubt in many circles, around the same time the famous guy was closing his Facebook account did the opposite. She focused all her energy on studying Facebook and understanding how it could be used for marketing.

She has created what is probably the best course on Facebook available anywhere. Her course is being updated constantly as fast as Facebook changes. And Facebook has been changing a lot and will likely continue to change. Now let’s get to the review.

Facebook Marketing 2013 Review

This review intends to be short, giving just enough information for you to want to check out the course for yourself. To write a full and detailed review of the Facebook Marketing 2013 course would take several 1,500 word articles and even that would probably not be enough to cover everything. It would be too long and boring for you to read. Let me assure you that the course contains everything a marketer needs to know about Facebook and how to use Facebook for marketing themselves and their products and services.

It’s one thing to use Facebook as a private person to keep in touch with your friends. Anybody can handle that without any courses. Using Facebook for marketing, however, is totally different. I feel that I need to mention this because there are people who don’t realize and understand the difference.

So to make it absolutely and perfectly clear, Facebook Marketing 2013 is for those who want to learn about using Facebook for Marketing.

Facebook Marketing 2013

Update September 04, 2017: The reviewed course below is no longer available.

The links were replaced and lead to another FB course which is not as comprehensive.

The Original Review below is about a product that can no logger be accessed.


The course has 5 parts plus bonuses.

The 5 parts are:

1) Guide to Generating Leads,

2) Marketing With Facebook Pages,

3) Marketing With Personal Profiles,

4) Marketing With Facebook Groups,

5) General.

The course itself contains 26 videos and a couple of ebooks and one of the bonuses, Facebook Ad Videos consists of 7 additional videos. There are more surprise bonuses one of which is free Facebook tab templates.

To make this review brief as promised above I will mention just half a dozen favorite videos of mine from the Facebook Marketing 2013 course. You will no doubt find your favorite videos inside the course which may be the same or different ones.

My favorite videos are:

#1 The Different Types of Ads. A walk through the 4 main ways to use Facebook advertising platform. This video is the 5th video from the first part of the course. It is just over 15 minutes long.

#2 Putting it All Together. How ads work with business pages and opt ins. How to generate leads and create ad attacks. This video is the 9th from the first part of the course and it’s just under 10 minutes long.

#3 Edgerank. 10 ways to get your posts in front of people. The 5th video from the second part of the course, this video is over 13 minutes long.

#4 Analytics. A detailed walk through Facebook insights. 6th video from part 2 of the course, almost 24 minutes long.

#5 Networking, Friends and Subscribers. How to network with influencers, get lots of friend requests accepted and the importance of followers. 5th video of part 3 of the course, just under 10 minutes long.

#6 How to Create a Group. Also gives advice on settings to use for the group to be protected, focused etc. This video is over 10 minutes long and it’s the second video from part 4 of the course.

I hope that just from the kind of subjects of the 6 videos mentioned here, you can see how valuable the course is. When you consider that there are 20 more very valuable videos inside the course and 7 additional videos on Facebook Ads in one of the bonuses plus the free Facebook tab templates, the value of the course is huge.


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Authored by Vance Sova

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