Email List Building, Opt in Lists Benefit Any Business

It seems that email list building as well as email opt in lists are mainly talked about among internet marketers and every internet marketing newbie will sooner or later hear or read about it.

The ever repeated phrase “the money is in the list” now often followed by a qualifying appendage “the money is not really in the list but in the relationship with the list” seem to hardly get any rest.

What is meant ,of course, is the relationship with the people on the list. Relating to a list as such would be weird.

But how about the hosts of people publishing on the internet focused on other niches who have no interest in the internet marketing niche?

Most list building ebooks are geared towards IM. Please let me know if you know of those that focus on anything else or at least mention other businesses. It’s possible that I could be wrong on this.

Luckily I found that at least once in a while one can read something in connection with email list building and opt in list that is about people in other fields.

Several days ago a post on AWeber blog came to my attention which I found very interesting because it talked about wine tasting as a list building opportunity.

It has enlightened me about other facets of AWeber like being able to use hand written forms and input emails from them into the autoresponder.

You can read the post here: Grow More Than Grapes: Email List Building For Wineries.

Of course those people will have to confirm their desire to be on the list afterwards so It may be a good idea not to give them too much wine to taste so that they can remember that they opted into the list in the first place.

This wine tasting post has kind of rekindled my love for AWeber which I fell in love with late last summer and about which I wrote a rather enamored post called simply List Building Steps, Step 1 – Get Autoresponder.

I resisted calling it “Why I Love Aweber” because there are other autoresponder options that may be attractive to some people. Being objective is what I always strive for even if deep in my heart I prefer one autoresponder service above all and that is Aweber.

I should add that I have a life and a loving girlfriend and I didn’t fall in love with the company because of any lack of natural love and out of sick imagination because they like to use the red heart on their banners saying I “heart image” AWeber.

I just love their service. Read my post by clicking on the link above to clear your mind from any suspicions as to my sanity.

If you are into list building, you will know that there are numerous ebooks on the subject and you may have seen many of them without really reading them since they appear to be the same old rehashed stuff.

You’ll Want to Read My New Ebook on Building Email List

Why on earth would you want to read another list building ebook?

One reason could be that you are reading this post and you may want to check out what I put together as my first product.

I don’t think that I’ll ever tell anybody that creating products is fast and easy.

Don’t you just dig those convincing slogans saying you can create products within one or two hours?

Unless of course you just want to write a 5 to 10 page report. Even that would take me at least half a day. You may be much faster though.

I’m just about to publish a 36 page ebook on list building. I may take another 5 or 6 weeks to get the site for it up and put together the pages that need to be made like the squeeze page, download page and so on. (I still have to work offline too, you know and it’s tax time).

This is my first serious product and it may certainly have some flaws. It is meant mainly for people who are new to list building and for those who want to have another look from a different angle.

It has some things in it that make it more friendly to any business and it doesn’t reek of internet marketing only.

I’ve put a lot into this ebook and of course I’ve hardly invented anything brand new.

What also makes it interesting and different, among other things, is that it has sections inside that are useful for more than just building a list. You’ll find about those when reading it.

I want you to check it out. Visit this blog often and within a month to 6 weeks there should be a free download available.

Leave me your comments now and don’t forget to bookmark and tweet this post so others may find it.


Authored by Vance Sova

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