Email List Building is perhaps one of the most necessary and continuous activities for internet marketers. The money is in the list because the list is the heart of your business.

It is not so hard to start a new business when you already have a list of customers or potential customers, hot leads.

Opt In Email List does take time to grow. If you haven’t read the 3 posts about List Building Steps on this blog then I strongly encourage you to do so because the most important elements and basics are covered in them. Here are the links:

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Now that we have the nuts and bolts covered, we can proceed to what this post is all about:

Online Giveaways,

Speed Up The List Building Process

What are giveaways?

As you may or may not know, giveaways are organized events for the specific purpose of getting subscribers to your list at an accelerated pace.

Having an opt in form on your site and driving traffic to it is a good method but it is very gradual and slow. Prospects and potential customers will drip in slowly but surely.

Continual dripping is nothing to sneeze at but sometimes a rain shower can help fill the bucket much more quickly.

If you want to build your list faster, and who doesn’t, then participating in giveaways is a good way to do it.

Giveaways are fairly recent list building method and what is so great about them is that they are virtually free to the contributors of gifts.

They are completely free to those who want to obtain those gifts if they are willing to fill in their name and email address in order to get the gift they want.

What do giveaway contributors need?

Assuming that you want to participate as a contributor to a giveaway event, you’ll need:

1) Your own gift, (I’ll touch on the possible giveaway items later)

2) A good quality autoresponder to pull in the leads into your list.

3) Landing sign up page,

4) Support email address,

5) Gift image

Giveaway items you can use

You want your gift to be attractive and helpful in order for people to want to get it and be willing to give you their name and email address for it.

It is always much better if your gift is your own original product that you have created. You can quickly gain a reputation through these gifts and I bet that you want it to be a good one.

Many events accept giveaway items in digital form

It is the quality of your gift item that matters more than the size of it.

Therefore it is much better to have your own original report of five to ten pages than it is to have a 100 page knock off e-book.

Other good contribution items could be: audio package, video course, your own e-book, membership site pass, software, templates.

You may be able to come up with other gifts, always keeping in mind what people may need or want.

What to do next?

The above is not an exhaustive information on the subject of online giveaways. The purpose of this post was to give you an idea about what they are and how they could speed up your list building.

Leave your comment if the post was helpful to you

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Most of all I want you to tell me what else you want to find out about the subject

and your suggestions on subjects you’d like me to write about.


Authored by Vance Sova

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