Facebook has been talked about a lot lately, even in mainstream media, mainly because of its public offering and consequent drop in market value. But aside from investing and stock market speculation, is there any real value when it comes to using Facebook for marketing, advertising and list building or lead generation?

Most people view and use Facebook as a tool to keep in touch with their friends and family and can quite easily figure out how to use it for that purpose. To use Facebook for marketing and for business is not that easy. A lot more knowledge and skills are required that don’t come intuitively. It can be a long process figuring everything out.

Creating a good looking fanpage for example can be quite consuming. It is much easier and faster to use a fanpage template.

An excellent source of fanpage templates has been inside a social media course focused around Facebook which I have mentioned in some of my past posts, for example in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+? post.

Now, for a very limited time, most likely no longer than up to October 19, 2012 or the end of next week, there will be free fanpage templates available at one of the promotional pages of the course site. Update: The free templates are no longer available, they were available till about November 03, 2012, a bit longer than anticipated but the opportunity of getting them for free is irretrievably gone.

Sorry if you came here too late to take advantage of that great offer.

As of November 17, 2012 there is a different kind of limited offer which will give you the whole course at half the regular price. I suggest that you take it now as it too will expire soon.

Update September 04, 2017: This course is no longer available for sale to new buyers. To provide a product on how to use FB, the links have been changed.

The course with lifetime access is a bargain at its full price anyway so don’t despair too much if you don’t catch the half price offer. (the offer ends on November 30, 2012).

The good news is that when you purchase the full course the templates will still be included inside it at no additional cost.

The course is packed with information and will teach you everything you need to know about Facebook and how to use it for marketing and business. That includes list building and lead generation. There are step by step videos, templates and everything you may want to and need to know about how to use social media and Facebook to their full potential.

Armed with the knowledge and skills you can gain from this course, you will be able to make Facebook and social media work for you. Like anything, it needs to be used to its full potential. But when it is, you will never need to buy another social media or Facebook course because the course is being constantly updated. It is alive and not finished and done as many courses are. I know because I have bought it.

I recommend that you check this product on how to use FB.  Click here.

Good luck.

Leave your comment about what you think about the usefulness of social media and Facebook when it comes to marketing and list building.

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Authored by Vance Sova

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