Bloggers Networking on CBC TV Late Summer 2012

Bloggers, internet marketers, social media enthusiasts and people curious about the related topics and about John Chow, the famous A blogger from Vancouver, have been meeting regularly for a weekly lunch meeting for years. Those meetings came to be known as Dot Com Pho. But never before has the mainstream media like TV and radio paid any attention to that. That has changed on April 01, 2012.

CBC TV crew came by to observe what we do at Dot Com Pho and to make a documentary about it. This is not an April Fool’s Day joke. I have a video to prove it.

Why would CBC TV be interested in what local bloggers, internet marketers and social media enthusiasts do around a lunch table eating noodle soup, spring rolls and drinking iced coffe or the house tea? Is there a success story behind it somewhere?

You bet there is. Everybody loves a success story. It’s great that a TV station is paying attention to things other than disasters, crime and horror stories.

The fame and success of John Chow got their attention somehow. As the importance of the internet and social media increases so will the main stream media attention to it. CBC TV is going to run a TV documentary series this summer or late fall about social media.

Update: At today’s (August 18, 2912) Pho in Vancouver visited by John Chow after many months John Chow announced that the CBC documentary about him would be broadcast today, August 18, 2012 at 7 p.m. on CBC TV channel.

I have written about the importance of Live Networking and Social Media in several of my posts. For those of you who missed that or ignored it you may want to go and read the posts now. At least read these two: 5 Reasons for Internet Marketing Networking and Social Media Engine Optimization.

When things are on TV it usually means that they are more important than things that don’t make it there. At least that’s how most people perceive it. The masses will certainly pay more attention to what is on TV especially if it’s there often enough.

The coming CBC TV documentary series will be likely an opener for more things to come on the subject.

As far as personalities go the main focus of this coming documentary, the part of it that will be from Vancouver, is John Chow.

The CBC TV crew asked four long timers of Dot Com Pho, those who have known John Chow for the longest time questions about him and how he became successful. To be fair they asked other questions too, having to do mainly with what the interviewees themselves do.

One of the recurring questions was “How would you describe John Chow to your Grandfather or Grandmother?” I personally found it funny. But there were a lot more interesting and deeper questions and no matter which ones will make it into the televised documentary, they will be great to hear and find the answers to by watching the program.

It will be interesting and educational not only for complete strangers but also for all those who have been going to Dot Com Pho lunches all those years or a portion of them and who know John Chow personally like myself. The reason is that those questions or at least some of them were never asked before or even if they were they weren’t answered in such depth.

I found the CBC TV crew very friendly and down to earth. Compared with some big screen movie making people that I had the chance to observe they were refreshingly normal, with no ego of elephant size towering above them.

They were:

Andrew Lavigne behind the camera who also asked some of the questions. Andrew Lavigne is the director and the main guy behind the coming series. Update: Andrew Lavigne scraped content from my YouTube video and from the YouTube video of Michael Kwan. He did so without our permission and without giving us any credit, mention or link. This is why I have removed his link from this page. We found out that he used our content without permission on Friday evening, August 18, 2012 when the show aired on CBC TV.

Kemp Edmonds asked a lot of the questions and seemed to be the PR guy.

Ruth (she did the lighting and I never caught the last name) and Jeremy who did something invisible.

The Dot Com Pho people that were interviewed in order of the interviews:

Rainer Schmoll from Thinkreferrals,

Ed Lau, from Ededition,

Michael Kwan, from BeyondtheRhetoric,

Stephen Fung from Futurelooks.

At the urging from our table CBC TV also interviewed Brian, the owner of the restaurant.

We had a normal and fun Dot Com Pho meeting as usual aside from the CBC TV filming crew presence creating a bit of extra excitement.

Watch the video below to see for yourself that CBC TV crew was really there. Andrew Lavigne at the start of the video also outlines the reasons for and the subjects of the coming documentary series.

Now that you’ve watched the video, please do check it out at least the first half of it if you haven’t done so, do me a favor and let me know by leaving a comment about it and the post above.

I’d also like your response to the following question:

If you knew for sure that there is going to be a TV crew filming a meeting for a documentary that will be shown on TV in your state or province and possibly nationwide would you be more likely to attend than if the meeting was to be a private one with just a video from it appearing on YouTube?

I’m very keen to know your answer. Hit the comment section right now and write away.

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Authored by Vance Sova

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