Two Years After Brown Recluse Spider Bite

It’s been a long time, more than a year, since I posted on this blog. I apologize to everybody for that, especially those who have been my regular readers. I do have a pretty good excuse though, which is being incapacitated for more than a year. In fact I could have died as several people I know of who suffered brown recluse spider bite did die because of it.

Further below I will post a video of what my spider bite wound looked like fairly recently. A few posts below this post you can watch a video of my spider bite wound after 3 months.

What I really would like to know from everybody reading this article or post is, if you think I should write a book about the brown recluse spider bite and what I went through as well as what I have learned about these spiders and their bites and how powerless doctors generally are in trying to help the brown recluse spider bite victims. Write your comments about what you think I should do. Should I write the book or not?

From what I have learned through researching the success of books on similar subjects, I’m not going to make any money from that kind of book. Most likely nobody will buy it. People are more likely to buy things which they think they can profit from like what’s offered if you click on the banner below:

Would you buy my book about the spider bite and everything I learned connected with such a bite?

If many of you will comment that I should write such a book it may persuade me to write it as was my intention before doing my research into a possible demand for it without getting your opinion.

I do have some horrible pictures of the spider bite wound which would be published in the book too. I’m reluctant to post them here or anywhere else in case I do write and publish the book.

Have a look at two videos below showing what the spider bite wound looks like now and what it looked like 7 months after the bite:

My foot with Brown Recluse Spider Bite Wound After 21 Months:

My foot with Brown Recluse Spider Bite Wound after 7 Months:

I think you can get a taste of how horrible the bite was and how it was affecting my ability to do anything, let alone doing something creative like writing blog posts. The first year after the bite I couldn’t walk without crutches and the first fourteen months I couldn’t walk without a medical boot. It was only after 14 months since the spider bite that I could barely walk without a medical boot. I was then able to squeeze my bitten foot into a wide type of a running shoe. When I did that the foot would swell and kind of overflow out of the edges of the running shoe. I couldn’t remove the shoe, for fear of not being able to put it back on during the day later, until getting home at night and then my foot would have a ridiculous shape after getting it out of the shoe which wouldn’t go away until I got up after a night’s sleep.

Go to the comments section now and let me know what you think about it and if I should write a book about the brown recluse spider bite I suffered and everything that I learned about it and from it.

Authored by Vance Sova

Why should your or my life story matter? Every one of us whether we realize it or not wants to make a difference and have their life story count. We want to make sure that others or the world or somebody at least knows that we exist, have existed and will remember us. It can be applied to both business life including internet marketing and to personal life.

The following is just my little story. It is not a lecture or anything that most of you don’t already know on some level if you have not realized it fully.

There Are Two Ways To Get

Others To Remember You

The first way which I do NOT recommend is to do harm to others

I don’t just mean big harm but even relatively small harmful things like in this mini story that happened to me in kindergarten:

Teacher’s Kid Grabbed Vance’s Chewing Gum

Vance was growing up in a country where chewing gum was something very precious and not something that was making spots on every sidewalk after being spitted out of thousands of mouths as soon as the flavor got a tad weak.

When Vance was given a chewing gum he chewed it for several days, for as long as it stayed together. Inevitably though, after a few days the chewing gum turned mushy and melted into nothing.

When that happened Vance felt it as a big loss. It could be months before he could enjoy another gum.

One day, Vance was again given a chewing gum. It was a big day for him and he proudly took it to kindergarten with him. The teacher’s boy of similar age noticed that Vance was chewing a gum.

He challenged Vance: ” Can you make bubbles with it ?” It was a kind of a bubble gum and Vance easily produced a few bubbles.

“Show me how far you you can stretch it out of your mouth” came another challenge by the boy.

Vance stretched the gum as far as his arm could extend. The boy looked at him and unexpectedly and shockingly snatched the gum from Vance and put it into his mouth.

Vance just couldn’t believe it. His precious gum was in the teacher’s boy’s mouth. “Give me my gum back!” cried Vance. But the boy ignored him.

While this was happening, the other kids were gathering in front of a TV in another room and hardly any of them witnessed the incident.

The whole kindergarten was about to watch a kid show now.

Vance felt hurt and demanded justice. He pleaded with the boy to return the gum to him. The boy just laughed.

“I’ll tell your Mom about what you did if you don’t give it back.”

Vance didn’t want to squeal but the boy now started to show off what tricks he could do with the gum to other kids saying the gum was his and accusing Vance of lying.

“Your son has stolen my gum, he snatched it from me!” Said Vance bitterly to the teacher.

She completely ignored him and walked away.

The feeling of injustice and profound breach of trust was overwhelming.

How can a teacher be less than just?

Only having it talked out and believed by trusted friends including his parents made Vance calm down and learn a life lesson without the incident making him bitter.

The perpetrators of the above injustice are remembered on occasion, albeit a rare one, to this day.

But who wants to be remembered for harming others?

In the next installment I’ll tell a story that demonstrates the second way to be remembered, the way which I do recommend very strongly.

I have decided to approach this from a personal life point of view first.

In the meantime, should you want to, you may find your own examples from business life and internet marketing life.

Examples from personal life seem to be more important and more interesting.

But these divisions are made just for clarity. Both personal and work or business life are equally part of our overall life and really inseparable as far as our character and our being is concerned.

I will cover examples from business life in general and internet marketing life in particular later.

I think and hope that after reading this article it is perhaps a little more clear how your life story can matter and why.

Your whole life story, personal, business, as an internet marketer will matter if and when you show up. Whether you’ll show up to harm or to help.


Authored by Vance Sova

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