John Chow is networking with local bloggers in Vancouver in addition to attending big live events like the recent Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas.

The Dot Com Pho in Vancouver is a regular weekly meeting where local and visiting bloggers network and keep one another up to date about their blogging lives.

The fact that John Chow came to the first Vancouver Dot Com Pho lunch meeting in 2011 right after attending the  Las Vegas Affiliate Summit West shows clearly how much value he places on networking with other bloggers at live events no matter whether they are small or big.

It’s always refreshing to see how he interacts with other internet marketers no matter of how small, big or non existent their achievements are.

This time we had two new bloggers attend and they were welcomed by everyone and felt comfortable right away.

You can see them in the picture below.

Tony Kwan, Emmet Gibney (1st time at Dot Com Pho Vancouver).

First Time at Dot Com Pho Vancouver for Tony Kwan and Emmet Gibney

Ed Lau who is notoriously famous for being late didn’t disappoint once again. I didn’t capture his image this time as I have put away my camera by the time he arrived but you can see him in a picture inside my other post, just click here.

Below are two videos of which one shows John Chow being interviewed by me and the other shows him eating, filming and discussing with other Vancouver bloggers. There were no visiting bloggers from far away this time.

John Chow Networking with Bloggers at Vancouver Pho

John Chow with Vance Sova, Stephen Fung, Michael Kwan

I learned more from and about John Chow again. He places a very high value on networking with other bloggers and internet marketers.

I knew that already but his coming to Vancouver’s Dot Com Pho straight from the Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas really made a strong impression on me.

That made all of my previous harping on the importance of internet marketing networking and of meeting bloggers live worthwhile.

John Chow’s Networking Smile, Stephen Fung

John Chow Smiles Agreeing with Vance Sova while Steven Fung looks at iPhone

Michael Kwan and John Chow’s Networking Gestures

Michael Kwan and John Chow's networking gestures ast Vancouver Pho

I also enjoyed meeting the blogging newcomers especially because one of them is an avid badminton player and he’s been blogging about badminton for years.

Badminton is especially good in winter when the tennis courts outside are soaked most of the time. Playing badminton outside is tricky because of the wind at any time of the year, so it is mostly an indoor game anyway.

And I learned more about and from the regulars, especially about Stephen Fung and his video expertise.

What do you think about John Chow’s live event networking activity and his view that it is one of the most important activities you can do as an internet marketer or as blogger who wants to make money online?

Post your thoughts inside the comments.

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Authored by Vance Sova

Meet fellow bloggers live and be sociable with them. You’ll have fun and learn a lot.

This post is the last one in 2010 and although it is meant to be very lighthearted it also has a bit of a serious streak in it and an admonition.

I have written about internet marketing networking before. But this post is very different. The main serious point before we get to the fun part is:

Get Away From Your Computer For A Few Days Each Month

The fun will start almost as soon as you do that. Since not everybody can attend big or even small events where bloggers and internet marketers meet, make it your goal for the soon coming new year to meet at least 2 or 3 internet marketers or bloggers one on one if you can’t meet more of them at once.

You’ll have fun getting out of your habitual environment and thought patterns and you will learn new things.

This is what I did in 2010 in addition to going to bigger events and it was well worth it. I met a cat blogger Oscar in Prague and while there I met SY also known as hospitalera. In the same city I met and interviewed a prominent expat blogger Ricky Yates.

I learned from all of them and enjoyed their company. Below is the video of my conversation with Ricky Yates about his blog with a Google rank of 4. Update July 20, 2018: Google ranking has now been long abolished and it was never a just system at all. I saw my blog reach rank 4 for a while and suddenly it was 2 and then 1 for no reason at all except change in algorithm and who knows what which was totally arbitrary and had nothing to do with content quality whatsoever.

You can view the video featuring the blogging cat Oscar and hospitalera by clicking on the link Blogging Cat. It’s the third video on that page the link will get you to.

And now we come to the fun video with A Kitten Inside A Boot. It also comes from Prague. It’s a video and a song from the early sixties.

Below the video you’ll find the text of the song in English. There is some wisdom in it as you’ll see.

The video itself is fun to watch even with no translation. There are some real life cute kittens at the end of the video so watch out for them.

The following verses  are the translation of the song text from the original Czech into English by Vance Sova. All Rights Reserved.

A Little Kitten

A little kitten

Slept inside a boot

Don’t quench

What’s not

Really burning you


What a kitten can say

With only a brief look

We humans can’t express

Even with many words


Know that a kitten

That sleeps in a boot

Will cause you to have

A happy, happy mood


So all boys and girls

Let us raise kittens

The globe is nice and round

And there is lots of room


Kittens are sociable

And will calm down your nerves

Do not be less than kind

And your anger will be gone


Did you enjoy the video and the song? How about what it has to say? In case you don’t like cats imagine puppies or any other animals you like.

What do you thing about the other things in this post? Do tweet this and leave a comment. If you do bookmarking I ask you to bookmark this as well.

Have a Happy and Very Prosperous New Year in 2011 and beyond.


Authored by Vance Sova

Internet marketing networking can give a boost to your results and improve your bottom line in addition to other benefits.

Before I elaborate further on the 5 reasons why you should meet other internet marketers or IM people live, I want to share with you what I have found out recently about Google and how it can’t serve any relevant results on some subjects.

If you want to learn about how to network with other internet marketers or anything about it whatsoever and enter, for example, internet marketing networking or networking with internet marketers or network with internet marketers in the search box using Google, the Google robot will serve up unrelated results.

It will display things related to MLM which now uses a better sounding name of Network Marketing. The closest result it serves is Internet Network Marketing which is about MLM (network marketing) done through the internet. Nothing even remotely close to what you want to find.

I hope that Google will come up with a way to distinguish Internet Marketing Networking from the newer name for MLM which is Network Marketing. It shouldn’t be so hard for Google to fix the problem.

Now let’s get back to the main subject of this post.

5 Reasons to Network With Internet Marketers Face To Face

1) You’ll Be Inspired

You’ll be inspired by new ideas and success stories that aren’t shared online.

2) You’ll Build Better Relationships

You’ll build better rapport and relationships with other successful internet marketers by rubbing shoulders with them.

Sharing a drink, coffee or tea with a person builds much stronger bond than just communicating with them through email, phone or skype.

Email and skype work well enough after you have met the person and you both know each other that way.

I speak from experience. After meeting John Chow and Lee McIntyre I’ve been enjoying a much closer friendship and direct access to them that would have been impossible previously.

Watch the video below to see John Chow at his latest visit to Pho Dot Com in Vancouver.

3) You’ll Be Able To Share Resources

You will be able to share tips and resources as well as discuss solutions to problems that are never publicly discussed online.

4) You’ll Get Away From Computer

This one is kind of obvious but a very important point for your health and well-being.

You’ll get away from your computer, which is kind of hard for any motivated internet marketer. Stretching your body for long enough and having fun with other marketers will do you a world of good.

5) You’ll Meet Future JV Partners

You’ll meet people that can very well become your future joint venture partners. I don’t know about anybody who is serious about collaborating with other people whom they’ve never met in person.

It just doesn’t happen.

What to do next?

If you can think of other reasons why do internet marketing networking,  in other words why network with other internet marketers by meeting them in person, please make as detailed comment about it as you can.

The best comment will be rewarded by my visit to the best comment author’s blog and my placing a very relevant and comprehensive 2 comments there. The deadline for this rewarding competition is December 20, 2010.

Update December 26, 2010: The best comment was given By Barry Wells. He has won the competition. There were other very good comments and deciding which one to choose was not easy. Barry will get 2 comments from me as promised. I didn’t mention a link but I gladly link to Barry’s blog as well. Update July 20, 2018: Berry Wells’ blog is no longer live so I removed the link which went nowhere.

Keep on commenting because you will be rewarded quite abundantly even without winning the competition as I already mentioned below when I wrote this post.

Any commenter here is getting a comment luv and keyword luv links anyway as long as the comment is approved, which happens with all good comments.

If you can’t think of more reasons for live internet marketing networking, comment on the ones I’ve listed.

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Authored by Vance Sova

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Internet Marketer Lee McIntyre Speaks In Vancouver Marketing Event

Internet marketing events are a great place to learn and to meet people at various skill levels. These events are also an incredible opportunity to network. Networking at Canada Marketing Summit during the four days from Thursday to Sunday was one such opportunity.

The chance of Meeting and chatting with people like Lee McIntyre, Maritza Parra, Mark Victor Hansen, Scott Rewick, Austin Walsh, Anthony Morrison, Colin Wiebe, Jeff Mills, Riel Roussopoulos, Jason Bax, Jeff Vacek and 5 other great individuals, in addition to hearing their live presentations, is something that cannot be done over the internet and that any aspiring internet marketer should aim at experiencing.

I wasn’t kidding in Succeed Online By Networking At Internet Marketing Events when I said that I was going to take every opportunity to attend and network at live internet marketing events and write about them on my blog.

Canada Marketing Summit was by far the best event that I’ve attended so far.

I must admit that I knew very little or nothing about most of the speakers prior to the event with the notable exception of Lee McIntyre. Learning that he’d be there was an extra incentive for me to be present.

My first brief chat with Lee McIntyre video:

I will post two more videos of Lee McIntyre telling his story below but before I do that let me tell you that All the speakers that I mentioned above and the 4 presenters I haven’t mentioned yet: Dan Lok, Marias Gudelis, Rick Raddatz and Jennifer Hanczel were all fabulous.

All four days of this live internet marketing event so aptly named Canada Marketing Summit (at least half a dozen of the speakers are Canadians) were jam-packed with great information, outstanding speaking performances and intensive networking and fun.

Few pictures from Canada Marketing Summit 2010:

The Organizer of Canada Marketing Summit Rob Toth (right), Vance Sova

Rob Toth, Vance Sova, Canada Marketing Summit 2010

Lee McIntyre, Vance Sova

Lee McIntyre and Vance Sova, Canada Marketing Summit 2010

Maritza Parra with Vance Sova to her right

Maritza Parra, Vance Sova, Canada Marketing Summit 2010

Mark Victor Hansen with Vance Sova to the right

Mark Victor Hansen, Vance Sova, Canada Marketing Summit

Austin Walsh with Vance Sova

Austin Walsh, Vance Sovas, Canada Marketing Summit 2010

Josh Rimer, Bonnie Sainsbury after Canada Marketing Summit before the final party

Josh Rimer, Bonnie Sainsbury after Canada Marketing Summit final session

Lee MacIntyre’s Story Video 1

Lee McIntyre’s Story Video 2

In addition to great content from speakers like Lee McIntyre which you can see a small sample of on the above videos there was a great time to be had meeting and networking with everyone attending the live event.

It’s important to get out of ones shell and take the initiative first to introduce yourself to as many people as possible. I did a much better job now than at the previous significant and big internet marketing event I attended last January. Having said that, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

By the way I respect and like the big internet marketing events and I also like and respect small local internet marketing meetings like John Chow’s Dot Com Pho. It’s important for you to realize that any live networking with other internet marketers is extremely valuable.

After the first day and the first four speakers and a two hour break there was a networking warm up party free to all participants which provided an additional chance to network and have some fun. You may want to watch the video below which will give you an idea of what the evening was like.

Spandy Andy at Networking Warm Up Party at Canada Marketing Summit Video

Who is Spandy Andy on the video above? Spandy Andy is a bright young Vancouverite. This is what he says about himself:

“I love to entertain. Making people laugh, smile, or even give me a bizarre stare, is so fulfilling…By being Spandy Andy I put myself out there to show the world you don’t have to be afraid.”

After the last speaker of Canada Marketing Summit finished speaking, the networking with the attending internet marketers wasn’t over yet.

People hung around or went to a nearby restaurant or a pub to share their impressions, thoughts and ideas about their next moves and plans.

And after 7 p.m. there was an optional dinner and entertainment party and more networking and fun at the hotel ballroom which many speakers and the internet marketing event attendees took part in.

I got to meet with Lee McIntyre again and we had a chat while drinking beer. I met other people and spent fun time with Jit Uppal and some new and old friends.

Now it’s your turn to make a comment on this topic of internet marketing events, this particular event and the videos.

What appeals to you the most about internet marketing live events?

Which IM event have you attended most recently and which one if any do you plan to attend next?

What video on this page did you like the best?

After you submit your comment make sure you tweet and bookmark the post and thus share it with others and engage them in the conversation.


Authored by Vance Sova

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