The Choice Is Clear Now

What should one use as the main tool for internet marketing? There seem to be really only two computer system choices: Windows PC and Apple Mac.

If you already have a working computer that is updated and working in all the areas you need it for, you may not need to think about this for a while.

But as with everything, your computer will get eventually too old for the ever coming new software or operating systems and this question will face you as it has been facing me for some time now.

The processor inside my computer is not fast enough and can’t handle an increasing number of applications that I need to use. In one of my previous posts focused on traffic Get Traffic To Your Website I have mentioned that one of the great ways to get traffic is through videos and YouTube.

In my recent ebook, which you can find in my post Email List Building Ebook, How To Build Email List In Any Market as well as at the top of this blog’s sidebar, I have included a whole section devoted to traffic and the importance of using YouTube and videos to drive traffic.

The camera I had been using for close to four years for still pictures as well as for video stopped functioning properly some months back when it lost the blue color out of the spectrum and the pictures became greenish and unacceptable.

Recently I’ve bought a new HD video camera and none of the computers I have access to will work with it. Since video is becoming increasingly important in internet marketing I have to decide soon what kind of new computer to buy so that I can use and process video without which internet marketing is limited.

In any decision as to which computer to buy it’s the video capabilities that will matter a lot to most internet marketers.

I’m no computer expert and I have a considerable distaste for the Mac vs PC biased camps. I’ve used both PC and Mac in the past and continue to do so currently. But both types of computers I have are aging, getting obsolete and I need a new computer no matter whether PC or Mac in order to be able to do what I need to be doing with my internet marketing.

Until fairly recently, I’d say that most people in general as well as those involved in internet marketing had been predominantly using Windows PC.

Most people in general, close to 90% still use PC. But the use among internet marketing enthusiasts has been undergoing a shift.

While it may not always be wise to do what other people are doing, when it comes to internet marketing I think that it is very useful to ask the question below.

What Kind of Computers Do Successful Internet Marketers Use ?

I don’t claim to know what kind of computer every successful internet marketer uses.

Even if I knew, things are probably changing from day to day. But I do know of a few marketers that have been using PC exclusively and they are hugely successful, like Mark Ling and Brian Johnson.

On the other hand there are those who use Mac for the most part, like John Chow, who recently published a new physical book Make Money Online, famous blogger Yaro Starak, video marketing expert and a buddy of Yaro Starak Gideon Shalwick, and many more.

Then there are plenty of internet marketers like Alex Jeffreys, Alex Goad and loads of others who use both Mac and PC.

It’s very clear that the kind of computer one uses is not in and of itself the reason for internet marketing success.

As with any other tool, while it may help, it is not the predominant factor in any person’s success. It is the person who uses the tool and their skills that count the most.

Much of Internet Marketing Software Is Still Made Only for PC

Update July 20, 2018: This is increasingly and now largely irrelevant because most tools, like ClickFunnels and almost anything else, any other software applications are now in the cloud, (a remote server) and it doesn’t matter if you use a PC or Mac. And most applications that are downloadable that an internet marketer will use these days are made in both versions.

Mac Is Said to Work Much Better With Graphics and Video

If you visit almost any company that works with computer graphics, animation and videos, you will find that they are using Apple Macs.

There is very little doubt that if you are thinking of using your computer for graphics and video that Mac will be a better choice for you.

In one of the interviews with Yaro Starak and Gideon Shalwick that I had been listening to it was said that as far as video is concerned Mac is 10 times faster and 10 times better than PC. Please keep in mind that the interview took place about 6 months ago but what was said has stuck firmly in my mind.

Can Apple Mac Be Used For Both Its Own and Windows PC Operating System?

The answer to this question is very crucial in light of what I said above, which is that most internet marketing software is still made only for PC.

And the answer is yes. The new Macs are capable of working both as Apple Mac and as Windows PC operating systems.

I’m not talking about using Parallels software which has been around for some time and which while quite good has had its imperfections when allowing both systems to work simultaneously.

Using Parallels is advantageous for some people and the way they work even with the newest Macs. But there are some issues especially with games and perhaps some applications.

What I meant to mention is the way the new Macs are able to work either as Apple Mac or as Windows PC according to what you need them for. You can switch between the two operating systems on the same computer.

Thus if you need to use a particular software which won’t work on the Apple Mac side you can switch to the Windows PC side and install and use it there.

To see how it can be done you may want to watch the following videos:

Run Windows on a Mac Video

Boot Camp Tips and Tricks (Switch between Windows PC and Apple Mac) Video

Considering the latest developments in the operating systems options I tend to lean towards choosing a Mac for my new computer because it seems to give the best of both worlds. In fact it gives both complete worlds according to what I have found.

The new Windows 7 is said to be so much better than the problems ridden Windows Vista and is a considerable improvement on Windows XP.

As one review put it, both Windows and Apple are getting better and seem to be converging slowly. Why not use both of them since neither is perfect and both have some advantages and disadvantages?

The new Macs work with both systems so getting the new Mac should be like getting both a Mac and a PC.

I hope this post has been helpful to you in considering your options for the time when you’ll need to get a new computer.

I couldn’t cover everything that needs to be taken into account when making a big decision like this.

I need your help in adding what I have missed to the comment section. Please leave your comments for me and the readers of this blog.

Tell us what you think about the advantages and disadvantages of Windows PC and Mac and what you’d do now if you had to buy a new computer.

All views are valid and I really need to know yours to balance, contradict or to confirm the views expressed above.

After you’ve made your comments, please tweet and bookmark the post to help others find it and share their views.


Authored by Vance Sova

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