AWeber Will Sock It To You on Your Bill Every Time

Aweber has been praised a lot by a lot of people. I have done my share doing the praising as you can see by going to my older post on the first list building step.

As good as AWeber is, it will sock it to you on your bill every time even for subscribers you never knew you’d had.

Would you believe that AWeber and likely any other reputable autoresponder service, will charge you for people in your opt in list that are not even subscribed to you anymore?

In fact AWeber and such email list service companies will charge you for subscribers that have never been your real subscribers except for the fact that they’ve opted in to your list with a fake email address just to get something for free from you.

Even if that fake email address given by them doesn’t exist, never existed and likely will never exist, ¬†AWeber will unsubscribe a subscriber like that which will have lasted half an hour or less but AWeber will keep charging you for such non existent subscriber forever unless you remove it from AWeber yourself.

AWeber will not even notify you of such short lived subscribers. You will therefore never know that such a subscriber is kept by AWeber as an unsubscribed and that it is charging you for it.

If you don’t notice it on your bill or if you won’t question the size of your bill it will be charging you for those fake subscribers forever.

Apparently it is beyond AWeber’s capabilities to notify you of such subscribers. I would add that it is in AWeber’s self interest not to notify you because unless you are checking the number of such unsubscribed people yourself, they will profit from it.

I do not, for one minute, believe that it is technically impossible for AWeber or any such company to notify you of those things but Aweber customer help stated to me that they don’t do it, can’t do it and won’t do it.

They say that it is your responsibility to check your account monthly before your billing date and to delete all such subscribers.

So, please do it. Don’t be like me until today. I will be doing it faithfully every month as long as I’m able to. Neglecting it will cost me and you money and it will end up in AWeber’s pockets irretrievably.

Well, you may be lucky like me if you don’t take it lying down and ask repeatedly for a refund of such charges. AWeber has given me a refund but only this one time. Thank you AWeber. A part of why I got it, I think, is that I was able to catch it within an hour of being billed by them.

But there is no guarantee that you will be able to get a refund, even a one and only refund which they gave me. Thanks again AWeber.

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It takes a lot longer to plead your case and try to get a refund than it does to keep your opt in lists clean.

The fact is that it was my own fault that I haven’t kept my list clean. On the other hand AWeber could do better in notifying me about the sudden flood of subscribers who in fact were not real subscribers at all.

Have you known all this all along or is this a new information to you?

How often do you clean up your opt in lists?

Do you know of any other reputable autoresponder company that does the same thing as AWeber when it comes to charging for fake unsubscribed subscribers?

Do you know of any reputable autoresponder company that will notify you of every subscriber as they subscribe regardless of whether they are genuine or fake?

Please respond to these questions, any one or all of them in the comments section.

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Having made my point about AWeber not being perfect, I still think that they are providing one of the best services in their industry and I still choose to use them.


Authored by Vance Sova

The Basics of List Building which is being offered for free to anyone right now will be updated soon. However, the new updated version will no longer be free. The coming update is necessary because many changes have happened since it was first released.

List Building is just as important now as it ever was. In fact I believe that it is more important than ever because of the increasingly frequent Google updates that leave people and their sites unsure of their search results and ranking from day to day. The days of being able to rely on free traffic from search engines are forever gone.

No method or platform, including Facebook and other social media can be relied on in the long term to bring stable traffic to your site either.

You need to have a list of your own subscribers or leads to be able to create traffic to your site reliably.

My new List Building product will include the newest and latest list building methods. I have not decided on the new product release date or form yet because I don’t want to miss anything that people would like me to include in it.

This post is published mainly for 3 reasons:

1) To Let the Readers (that includes You) Give their Suggestions about what they’d like to see as a part of the New List Building course.

2) To Give Free Access to the New List Building Product to the Person with the Best Comment and Suggestions.

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Everybody who will be a subscriber to the old version of The Basics of List Building, which is free, before my new List Building product is released will receive a 50% off the price of the new List Building product. I will email a coupon code or something similar to all at that time current subscribers just before the new List Building is released and they’ll be able to claim the discount. Get the free ebook now and get 50% off the new one.

Right now there is no cut off date so make sure you subscribe before it’s set. When my new product is close to being released, the opt in form to get the old and free ebook The List Building Basics will be removed and with it your chance to get the 50% discount.

I think that the above is a fair and excellent deal for everyone.

Now it’s time for you to start commenting and giving your ideas and suggestions.

Do your best to include these points in your comments:

a) What would you like to see included in the new list building product the most, the least.

b) What form should the product be in, an ebook, video course, other.

c) What would be a fair price for such product (include your favorite forms and prices for each or their combination) and how much are you willing to pay for products like this.

Be creative and add anything else you can think of that is not mentioned above.

Remember, the author of the best comment that includes the best suggestions will get my new List Building product absolutely for free.

Good Luck.


Authored by Vance Sova

Email list building is both simple and complex. The general principles of list building are simple but it is in the details where mistakes are made. The devil is in the details. While there are dozens of mistakes you can make when building your email list, there are 3 major mistakes you can learn to avoid by reading this post.

If you are new to email list building you should definitely read my free ebook that many people find helpful: The Basics of List Building.

If you don’t want to download it through the above link right now, which I recommend you do, you can decide to do it while reading any of the following posts about list building:

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Learn How To Build Your Email List Using Online Giveaways

Avoid 3 Email List Building Mistakes Now

After learning the Basics of List Building you will have an opt in form on your blog and perhaps a squeeze page on your product download site. You will have started collecting leads to your email list. I will not be covering any of this in this post.

What I will discuss in this post is the major mistakes people make in how they treat the people on their list because that is the part of list building that is crucial, that doesn’t get talked about much and that can completely negate any efforts put into list building.

Email List Building Mistake #1

Sending Pitching Emails Too Frequently

Many internet marketers send promotional emails virtually every day to their newly acquired subscribers. They have hardly built any relationship with the people on their list and they ruthlessly bombard them with one sales pitch after another.

The product that they raved about the day before is trumped by the product they promote today and so on.

This very quickly leads to the subscribers being burned and upset and they either hit the unsubscribe button or they become immune to any emails from this particular marketer and never bother to read them.

Email List Building Mistake #2

Not Giving Good Value For Free

While informing your subscribers of great offers that they have shown interest in receiving and getting paid a commission if they decide to buy them is a good and legitimate service, the people on your list also expect value from you that is free to them.

If you only send emails to your subscribers when you have something for sale, they will not be very responsive to your offers.

Giving away free value in your emails to your list more often than sending emails with paid offers will cultivate a much better and responsive list.

Email List Building Mistake #3

Neglecting Your Email List Subscribers

Pay a close attention here too. This is the least discussed mistake and one of the most prevalent ones right next to the two mistakes listed above and one that I’m most guilty of.

People who commit this mistake are those that are afraid of making mistakes #1 and #2.

The consequences of this mistake are less damaging to the subscribers because they aren’t bothered by your emails. A few of them will be bothered by not getting emails from you but most of them will just forget about you completely.

So how does one neglect their subscribers?

I my case I hate bothering people with too many emails. I tend to hesitate very much before I email them any offer. And I ponder a long time about whether they’d find what I feel like sending them for free of great value.

I was astonished recently after sending an email about a free webinar when one of the people who unsubscribed left a comment saying “I don’t remember who Vance is”.

When I thought about it though I quickly realized that not keeping in regular touch with the people on my email list will inevitably lead to them forgetting about me altogether.

So it is important not to be too shy in getting in touch with the people on your email list. After all they want to hear from you.

What To Do Next?

Let me know what you think about the 3 email list building mistakes.

Have you made any of them yourself?

Which mistake do you think is the worst one to make?

Your comment is very important so do go ahead and make it.

Don’t forget to tweet and bookmark the post to notify others to join the conversation.


Authored by Vance Sova

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If you have been thinking about email list building and visited some list building blogs in order to learn how to build your email list, you may have come across some posts about Online Giveaways.

There is a post on Online Giveaways which I wrote some months ago on this blog which is fast becoming to be known as the list building blog.

The post is about what giveaways are and what one needs to participate in them as a contributor which is a good way to build your list.

I highly recommend that you read the post Email List Building, Online Giveaways.

If you are like me then you have probably been intrigued and a bit unclear as to what online giveaways really are and how using them could advance your list building efforts even after reading a number of good list building blogs and articles on the subject.

Generally the best way to understand something fully is to get closely involved with it.

It is very likely that unless you participate in a good giveaway there will always be some doubt about them in your mind.

By participating in an online giveaway as a member first you can get a good understanding of how giveaways are presented.

While doing that you can find some incredibly helpful products that are free and ready to be downloaded right away.

After taking a closer look at a good and well presented online giveaway such as the current Original Products Giveaway you’ll be better prepared for using online giveaways to build your list as a contributor.

If you haven’t read my post where I describe what the contributor to an online giveaway needs to have please click on online giveaway contributor needs.

I hope that this will help you to take the plunge very soon and that you’ll start building your list using online giveaways.

If you haven’t yet followed the link to the current giveaway which will go on only till July 15, 2010 please do so here. Update July 20, 2018: The link to that long ago giveaway was removed. I’m not sure if these kinds of giveaways are still conducted these days. There is a very good tool for you if you are wanting to build an email list. I wish it was around when I originally wrote this post. It’s ClickFunnels and you can learn about ClickFunnels here.

Your comment on this post is needed and appreciated. Have you participated in any online giveaway yet? Did you have a look at the one suggested here?

Are you going to use online giveaways as a way to build your email list?

Please tweet and bookmark the post for others to have a chance to find it now and to share their views.


Authored by Vance Sova

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