Cat That Can Eat With Either Paw

Cats, dogs and even birds and other animals can be smart and very funny and so can people. But we humans tend to get too busy, too serious and too stressed. Animals can help us lighten up if we let them.

Have you been too busy, too serious and working too hard without pausing to relax and to have a bit of fun?

Maybe you can use a little break to be able to focus again on your important tasks with renewed energy.

Have a look at a cat that can eat with either paw. Just click on the video below.

If you’ve just enjoyed watching the funny cat you may want to read a bit about it. This is what I wrote about her in the video description:

“Watch a cat eating with paws. It’s a funny cat getting treats from a cat treat bag. Her name is Whity and she’s half siamese. People who don’t know her by name sometimes refer to her as the gray cat. Her coat is a multi color coat though, ranging from white and gray to brown and black. Her chest is almost white. Her coloring is similar to that of a siamese cat.

In this video Whity shows herself to be an ambidextrous cat. She’s able to use both her paws to grab the treat bits out of the luv cat treat bag and put them into her mouth. She uses both her left paw and her right paw equally without any obvious preference for either one.”

OK, thanks for reading and watching.

Now you can go back to work. But before you go, I want you to do just a few things:

1. Leave a comment. Do you like cats or dogs or both? What’s your favorite animal? Do you find them funny at times?

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3. Don’t forget to lighten up and to have fun once in a while.


Authored by Vance Sova

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