What Are Cash Cannons? Why You

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Cash Cannons is a brand new course that Michael Cheney is launching on Monday, March 04, 2013 at 12 noon EST. It will be available for a very limited time of nine days only. What are Cash Cannons? Cash Cannons are videos that make you money. The kind of videos that make money for Michael and he’s made about 6 millions and counting.

Note: Cash Cannons has been removed as the time for which it was available to purchase has passed.

You probably think that making such effective videos takes a lot of work and fancy and expensive equipment. You are sure that a cheap camera and no special skills automatically exclude you from making videos like that and from learning it within a reasonable time.

Well, forget those thoughts because Michael Cheney made some of his most impactful videos using a very cheap $100 camera and the videos look very unprofessional. Like videos anyone can make.

Cash Cannons can be of three types. They are all videos that make you money. There’s Affiliate Cash Cannon which is a video that sells other peoples stuff, Product Cash Cannon which sells your stuff and List Building Cash Cannon which gets people on your list or which gets you leads.

The course will tell you exactly how to make such impactful and effective videos. Michael doesn’t hold back anything. This may well be his last course, his last product and he wants to give everything he knows about making such videos to the lucky few who will take advantage and buy this course within the narrow time slot in which it will be available. Michael is not kidding nor is he going to reneg on his word. You will not be able to buy this course after March 12, 2013. Update: March 13,2013: Cash Cannons is no longer available

If you are reading this post before March 04, 2013 you can see that there are no links through which you can purchase the product. The links to buy the Cash Cannons course will appear at 12 noon EST that day wich is Monday and you’ll plainly see them here. The links will be taken down when the course is no longer available. Note: the links to Cash Cannons have been removed as it’s no longer available.

I have been watching Michael Cheney and communicated with him as he was putting the course together and I know exactly what is in it. I’ve had a full access to the finished product for the last few days and I can tell you that there is nothing like it available now on the market and in 10 days from now (today is March 03, 2013) there will not be anything like it available again.

Note: the banners and links to Cash Cannons have been removed as the course is no longer available for sale.

I have never flatly told people on this blog to buy anything. This time I will make an exception. I say buy it now if the links are visible already. Don’t wait. It’ll be gone and you’ll miss out forever.

The price for what you’re getting is ridiculously low. There are bonuses inside the course called “Surprise Stuff” that are in themselves worth the price you’ll be paying for the whole course.

What You Will Find In The Cash Cannons Course

There are 17 videos, 17 MP3 audios and 17 PDF files so you can watch the videos, listen to the audios of the course material as well as read it. There are also check sheets so you can tick off what you have already went through and took action on.

When you buy the Cash Cannons, Michael will be sending you an email every day with action steps to take. That way you’ll be sure to progress quickly and will be reminded daily to take action.

There is an iron clad guarantee build into the course so that you cannot lose when you take action. Michael Cheney guarantees you success with this course when you implement it, when you put it to use. And if for some unknown reason it won’t work for you in spite of all that, Michael will give you your money back when you show him you took proper action and implemented it.

There are dozens of tips on what to do and what to avoid that Michael has learned and gathered through his more than 10 years online. The course is primarily about making effective sales videos but he covers other important aspects related to internet marketing.

For example traffic, Facebook and other social media. He goes even into payment processing, testing and statistics to a significant degree as it is connected with your money making videos.

Note: I’m sorry but the Cash Cannons course is no longer being sold.

You’ll also be given links to resources Michael Cheney uses, like for example to his graphic designer.

As I mentioned above, the bonuses or “surprise stuff” as Michael calls them are alone probably worth the price for the course. And the whole thing, everything included is surprisingly inexpensive.

If you are looking to make money online using videos I strongly recommend that you get hold of this course before it’s gone forever. Do it now.

The bonuses are already inside the course. You don’t need any other bonuses to distract you from taking action with it when you get it.

However, if you insist on further bonus, I’ll give you a surprise bonus when you buy through my link. My bonus will be an audio or video interview with one of the famous marketers.

It will be something useful. I have grown tired of bonus packages of recycled and old stuff that most markers offer and that only take space on your hard drive and distract you from focusing on the most important things.

So be ready on March 04, 2013 at noon EST. Take action and get the Cash Cannons here.

Do that and later come back and post your comment about the course and claim your surprise bonus from me.

Authored by Vance Sova

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