Smart phones can be and are used sometimes as internet marketing tools. It’s kind of exciting that the new BlackBerry phones are finally arriving. BlackBerry is now the new name for the company that makes them too. No more RIM or Research In Motion. BlackBerry is a cool name that stems from the famous keyboards and their shape with small buttons that looked like the fruit used on the classic first mobile phones made by the company.

The new BlackBerry smart phones Z10 and Q10 are here and soon to be available to be purchased widely.

Look at the picture of the Z10 with 4.2 inch screen for which there is already available a screen protector for less than ten dollars.

Will people buy them in large enough numbers to strengthen the company and make it regain some of the lost market share?

I personally think so but some people think that the opposite will happen. Watch the video below to witness a discussion on this subject. It’s not just opinions either. Some facts you may not know are revealed inside the video too.

So what do you think about the discussion and which of the opinions expressed there do you lean towards?

For those of you who haven’t yet watched the video, I have a request: Have a look at it. Even if you favor the iPhone, the Z10 actually has almost the same size of screen as the iPhone 5 (just 0.2 of an inch longer) and it looks a bit similar, or if you dig the Samsung smart phones with their increasingly larger and larger screens, there is something in the video about your gadgets and the companies that make them too.

After watching the video or even if you skipped doing that, not so cool behavior LOL, what do you think will become of BlackBerry?

Will they do much better than just survive, will they barely survive and be bought by another company or will they slowly disappear from the scene?

Leave your comment and expand on why you think what you think will happen.

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Authored by Vance Sova


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