Why Consider Using Squeeze Plugin With Your Themes

Every amazingly successful blogger and internet marketer that I know of tells me “build your opt in list”. They say it directly to me when I meet them and ask them what is the most important thing to focus on. Some actually say “build your email list” but that is the same thing.

Of course I couldn’t have met all the hugely successful internet marketers and bloggers but I hear all of them talk or write about the importance of email list building at some point.

Luckily, most people are beginning to hear the message and realize they need to do something about it.

I’ve read a couple of survey results within the last 6 months that were trying to find out what people getting into the internet marketing game are interested in learning the most and what they need the most help with.

List building finished at the top every time.

This is not the first post about list building on my blog which an increasing number of people find by searching for list building blog.

You can read more about the subject of email list building in my previous posts.

One of them is How To Build Email List In Any Market . It also goes into why build your email list, double opt in versus single opt in and more as it introduces my list building ebook. I highly recommend that you read it.

You may not be in the internet marketing niche and could be blogging about any other subject. That’s cool, you are in the right place here. I have aimed at people like you in my post focused on all niches called Email List Building, Opt In List, Not Just For Internet Marketers.

If you are curious about AWeber, reading my post with the title List Building Steps, Step 1 – Get Autoresponder may be of interest.

And if you want to know what I thought about list building and the importance of it just as I was starting this blog you can read Build A List, Targeted Email Opt In List.

After reading the above posts and this post so far, I think that you’ll be more than ready to want to find out about a new tool suitable for anyone wanting to add subscribers to their list.

New Internet Marketing Tool, Squeeze Plugin, Will Help Grow Your Opt In List

Update July 20, 2018: The Squeeze Plugin no longer exists. It was great at it’s time but only a short time. The best tool for building squeeze pages and a lot more, which I partly describe in the second update note below, is ClickFunnels. You can learn how amazing ClickFunnels is by watching the webinar on ClickFunnels. Just click on the link with ClickFunnels in it.

Questions and answers about the Squeeze Plugin

1) How is using this plugin better than just getting an opt in form code from AWeber and pasting it to my blog?

Answer: Well a squeeze page implies that you are offering something to get people to op-into your list so having a video or an image will greatly increase opt in rate as apposed to just having the opt in area by itself.

2) Can the plug in do both simple opt in forms as well as the whole squeeze page template?

Answer: Yes it can do both.

3) How will this plugin save me time and make my blog and squeeze pages look better?

Answer: The plugin will integrate with all of your other themes/sites, so all you have to do is drop the widgets you want on your squeeze page and use Aweber’s form code and that is it.

4) Has the plug in been tested in the real world and what have been the results?

Answer: We based the design of the plugin off of the actual squeeze pages that we create for our own products and services.

This is all the information available about the Squeeze Plugin right now. (Please see August 03 update below).

I’m not sure if it’s enough for you to decide whether you want to get it or not. I have already ordered it and paid for it because it is another product from a company that I’ve had only good experience with.

I’m not suggesting that you go and buy the plug in yourself if you need more information about it.

August 03, 2010 Update: The Squeeze Plugin is now available

Update July 20,2018: The plugin is not available anymore and even the domain on which it was is being redirected to BlueHost. These days the best way to create squeeze pages and a lot more pages for the whole marketing funnel and even hosting your digital products is to get and use ClickFunnels. There’s a webinar you can watch right now showing you what ClickFunnels can do.

I hope that reading this post will encourage you to start building your email list if you haven’t done so yet and that it will encourage you to continue building your list with even more enthusiasm if you have.

Before you go to work on your opt in list I need you to leave your comment about what you’ve just read.

What did you like or didn’t like or both?

Which tool has been most valuable in your email list building and why do you think the Squeeze Plugin may or may not help you to grow your opt in list even more?

Once you’ve made your comment be sure to bookmark and tweet the post. You’ll want others to read the post and your comment and give their views.


Authored by Vance Sova

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