A Look Inside Modules 1 to 3

Module 1 – Blogging Builds Bank Accounts

Under the headline in the course is a video over 2 minutes long where John speaks about the secret to his successful blogging which is – Always Deliver Value

Then in text format John talks about how blogging is his bread and butter, what blogging does and the need for you to plan and what it entails in 5 points.

Blogging inevitably involves writing and creating content on a regular basis. It’s not uncommon for people to pose a question sooner or later, either before they even decide to blog or days weeks or even months after they started which is:

What to Write About

That’s also the second heading and subject in the first module of Blogging with John Chow course. John gives a pretty exhaustive list of where to go to find ideas and how to research what is in demand.

The last subject in module 1 is branding.

Your Brand

“Your brand needs to be unique and fully fleshed out if you want it to stand out among your competitors…” Says John Chow and then he gives you five questions which you should ask yourself before you start writing.

Being unique and having unique, original content is essential for successful blogging.

Module 2 – Launching Your Blog

The module starts again with a video of John, this time 4 minutes long, where John talks about why you should use Word Press at dot org and not at dot com. He also gives instructions on how you can have your basic blog setup done for free by going to John Chow dot com.

Then in text form with screen shots or pictures where appropriate and necessary he talks about Word Press and its advantages before covering how to create your Word Press blog under the following big headlines:




He explains everything you need to know in a detailed way to get your blog up and running. This module is quite long with a lot of information and steps to take but all of it is crucial.

Module 3 – Brand-o-Nomics

Like the previous modules, this model also starts with John Chow on video. In 7 minutes John talks about how to build your brand giving examples of how to do it and how he does it.

In a text format he then goes into the subject of branding more deeply.

There is an interesting headline about half down the page which says:

Who the Hell Are You?

Under it John gives examples of how he brands himself on his blog and gives tips on how you can go about your own branding.

 Seven Habits of Successful Bloggers

Under this headline is a reprint from a blog post that John wrote which is still 100% relevant today.

Point seven may make you laugh as it had me laughing:

7 – They Read John Chow dot Com

The text under this point then goes to explain why it is one hundred percent true. It’s because successful bloggers read other successful bloggers blogs.

When to Post and How Long?

When or more specifically how often to post a very common question people ask. The answer is not always the same as different people have different opinions on it.

Here’s what John has to say about that:

“How often you post is not as important as is your consistency in posting. If you fail to post consistently you will lose your audience.”

John then goes into how often he posts and how he has posts ready for at least a week to a month in reserve so he can have posts scheduled ahead of time.

The length of posts depends on your audience says John and gives the length of his average posts.

Commenting Within the Community

Networking by bloggers can and should be done. It is usually done through commenting on other peoples blogs.

If you can network live as we are doing with John Chow in the video below that’s a great bonus.

Monitoring the Blogosphere

Aside from Google Alerts John gives 8 more points with different ways that it can be done.

Claim Your Territory

“Listen, the web is the world’s premier space for sharing but it’s also a land grab.”

Direct Name Matches

“..would you prefer to market yourself as ‘dogtrainingdude535’ or as AmandaStein on Twitter or Facebook. Which is more natural?”

John gives 5 tips to ensure you get as close to a direct name match for your accounts as possible.

More on Branding

By now you can tell that John Chow is really big on branding.

He keeps on hammering this point by getting back to it again and again.

Under the headlines

What’s the Message?

Disseminating Your Message

Staying On Message

Spreading Your Message

The Last Word on Branding

he finally puts it to rest.

This concludes module 3 and my review of it.

I hope that you now have a much better idea of what is inside the Blogging with John Chow course.

Update September 06, 2017: This course by John Chow on Blogging is no longer available. However there is another Blogging course by a famous blogger that is just as good. To start with you can get a free ebook or audio which covers a lot already. Check it at the link below:

Download The Blog Profits Blueprint

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Authored by Vance Sova

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