What’s Inside the Blogging with

John Chow? Is It For You?

You may have heard or read about John Chow’s new product called Blogging with John Chow already. Now you’re probably wondering what is inside of it and if it’s really for you or not.

I may be able to help you in answering the first part of the question by giving you a pretty good idea about what is inside the course.

How many times have you bought a course or a product online only to find out that it was really not for you or what you expected it to be? If you’re like me and most people, I think that it has happend to you at least once.

My aim is to help you avoid that situation from repeating itself yet again.

A full multiple post product review series is not something you can readily find anywhere else. After reading the posts you will have a very good idea about Blogging with John Chow and whether it’s for you or not.

You will find absolutely no sales pitch in any of my 10 review posts. This is not a fake, you should buy this stuff, high pressure review. Please do not buy this course unless you are sure that it’s what you really want.

What you’ll read in the review posts will be my description of the product from the inside as I go through it. Each post will go deeper into the course.

Just to make a full disclosure, I want you to know that I received a free access to this product yesterday from John Chow himself at my request. I have purchased a much more expensive course from John more than a year ago, however, called Blog Profit Camp which has been closed since to new customers.

I am not getting and will not get any compensation in any form whatsoever for writing this review from John or anyone else. My only reward will be you and other readers being informed about what this course is like. Only if and when you conclude that you would like to purchase this course through the links on this blog will I earn a percentage of the price of it.

What You Should Know About John Chow and the Reviewer:

I have known John for a couple of years and have met with him many times at his Dot Com Pho meetings. I admire what he does and his excellent business sense. He’s very easy going, approachable and will help anybody he can. He takes criticism and other opinions very well and even encourages them.

(Watch the video below which shows John Chow having fun play acting as he eats at 3:07 min. into the video and then see him and hear him again at 4:00 min to 5:20 min. into it. This is the latest video with John at Dot Com Pho in Vancouver).

Because of that and because of my personal principles the review posts won’t be a whitewash of the course.

In fact, I will point out what I think is lacking in it and what could be improved. Not because I’m a bigger expert than John, of course not, but because I’m closer than he is to those who are still learning and thus can see things from their angle.

First Introductory Look Inside Blogging with John Chow

So let’s have a look inside the course. Update September 06, 2017: This course about blogging by John Chow is no longer available. There is however a course from another top blogger which is just as good. You can check it out at the following link below:

Download The Blog Profits Blueprint


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