The Basics of List Building which is being offered for free to anyone right now will be updated soon. However, the new updated version will no longer be free. The coming update is necessary because many changes have happened since it was first released.

List Building is just as important now as it ever was. In fact I believe that it is more important than ever because of the increasingly frequent Google updates that leave people and their sites unsure of their search results and ranking from day to day. The days of being able to rely on free traffic from search engines are forever gone.

No method or platform, including Facebook and other social media can be relied on in the long term to bring stable traffic to your site either.

You need to have a list of your own subscribers or leads to be able to create traffic to your site reliably.

My new List Building product will include the newest and latest list building methods. I have not decided on the new product release date or form yet because I don’t want to miss anything that people would like me to include in it.

This post is published mainly for 3 reasons:

1) To Let the Readers (that includes You) Give their Suggestions about what they’d like to see as a part of the New List Building course.

2) To Give Free Access to the New List Building Product to the Person with the Best Comment and Suggestions.

3) To allow people to Subscribe Now to Get a 50% Discount on my New List Building Product.

Everybody who will be a subscriber to the old version of The Basics of List Building, which is free, before my new List Building product is released will receive a 50% off the price of the new List Building product. I will email a coupon code or something similar to all at that time current subscribers just before the new List Building is released and they’ll be able to claim the discount. Get the free ebook now and get 50% off the new one.

Right now there is no cut off date so make sure you subscribe before it’s set. When my new product is close to being released, the opt in form to get the old and free ebook The List Building Basics will be removed and with it your chance to get the 50% discount.

I think that the above is a fair and excellent deal for everyone.

Now it’s time for you to start commenting and giving your ideas and suggestions.

Do your best to include these points in your comments:

a) What would you like to see included in the new list building product the most, the least.

b) What form should the product be in, an ebook, video course, other.

c) What would be a fair price for such product (include your favorite forms and prices for each or their combination) and how much are you willing to pay for products like this.

Be creative and add anything else you can think of that is not mentioned above.

Remember, the author of the best comment that includes the best suggestions will get my new List Building product absolutely for free.

Good Luck.


Authored by Vance Sova

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