Alex Jeffreys nixes the gurus game. “I’m giving up the gurus game” he says in his latest post and video from his wedding. This could be a punishing shock to the large host of his followers. Read on to find out more.

Alex Jeffreys is without a doubt one of the brightest newest and fastest rising stars that have ever appeared in the internet marketing sky. His followers are growing in numbers faster than those of virtually any of the so called internet marketing gurus.

Why on earth then would he want to give up the game that has brought him hundreds of thousands of dollars in the last few months? Has he gone mad or is there something crafty behind his decision?

Certainly Alex Jeffreys was never the typical guru who enjoys the limelight and being called a guru. Did he get fed up with being called a guru by his eager followers?

Many of us know the story of Buddha who insisted in saying that he was no guru. And he meant it wholeheartedly. But what did the crowds do, especially after he was no longer around? They built temples to worship him.

Does Alex Jeffreys want to disassociate himself from his followers and students by saying that he is out of the gurus game? Certainly nobody is about to build a temple and worship him.

The last time I checked Alex likes to help people. So perhaps he just wants to do things differently than the typical marketing guru. He has been doing that since I learned about his coaching course Marketing With Alex.

What I think is happening is that Alex Jeffreys wants to emphasize the fact that he does things differently. He truly does care about his students and followers. He’s not done with them once a coaching program ends. This is a fact.

So Alex J. may just be trying to let it be known outside his circle of followers and students that the regular internet marketing gurus game is not his game and that he is fundamentally different.

I certainly hope that this is so. It would indeed be a great loss if Alex Jeffreys decided to leave the internet marketing coaching scene and an even greater loss if he stopped making his products available to everyone who needs them.

Right now the whole thing is still up in the air. But at least for the next few weeks Alex will still be around. In fact he posted a video on his blog with an invitation to comment on it and receive a chance to participate in a live webinar with him where he will spill out the beans. There is only room for 0ne thousand people in the webinar. It may not take a long time for it to fill up.

I for one want to find out his secrets before he potentially disappears from the scene of being a great and readily available teacher of internet marketing. Be it as it may whatever the form of Alex’s giving up the gurus game takes it will happen.

I believe that whatever Alex says and announces has a significant meaning. There is something significant in the statement Alex Jeffreys Nixes Gurus Game.

Authored By Vance Sova

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