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Alex Jeffreys Course and his mentoring program are very much praised. But what are Alex Jeffreys students up to? Generally they are the most helpful and hard working talented bunch and great friends to be with. But right now they are not impressing me that much.

What’s wrong? They came up with this tag game in which when you get tagged it makes you quite busy and perhaps uncomfortable. You have to make a post about yourself in which you must reveal 25 things about you. Well, I got tagged today and that’s why I’m writing this post.

Of course I don’t have to participate but I could never disappoint my friends from Alex Jeffreys Classroom. They are very dear to me and especially Gazzman who came up with this. And Gazzman aka Gary Simpson is extremely helpful. Petra Weiss is the one who tagged me and she is also very helpful. I’d love to name all my friends from Alex’s students like Paul Hooper who are giving selflessly but there are a several hundreds of them.

OK, I admit I may be stalling a bit here. So let’s get right to the 25 points.

25 Points You May Want To Know About Vance Sova

I’m going to be very selective here as this is the internet and it will be accessible everywhere forever. That being said I’ll be honest.

1) I have always liked the truth and honesty. That has made me some great friends and some enemies. The friendships tend to be everlasting while the enmities not returned fizzle out.

2) I have a great partner who is so much better than me in so many ways. She is a great human being that contributes heavily to the world being a better and kinder place.

3) I love cats now as much as I love dogs. I used to prefer dogs but came to appreciate cats for their independent spirit.

4) I don’t like living in the past which seems to be a preferred mode of being for so many. Each day is a new day, brand new and should not be tainted with yesterdays. It doesn’t harm to keep the good things but dwelling too much on them can sacrifice today as well.

5) I’ve been called a philosopher in my teens. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t done some unwise things.

6) I like to travel everywhere. If I had to name favorites it would be Greek Islands, parts of Japan and Kauai. I haven’t been everywhere though and mostly I like wherever I am at the time.

7) I find that thinking too much is not good. An example would be a game of tennis. The body does its thing beautifully. Too much thought tends to sabotage it.

8) Right, I like to play tennis. Not that I play it every day or that I’m really good at it but it is the best game I know of as far as sports go. You can boo me later in comments if you want. I stopped playing contact sports because I want to remain in one piece.

9) Swimming in the ocean or a lake or a clean river is what I find the most relaxing and enjoyable activity.

10) I wanted to be a writer-reporter as soon as I learned how to read.

11) I wanted to be an astronomer.

12) At times I don’t mind being not too modest and detest false modesty. By that I mean if I’m good at something I don’t keep saying that I’m not, especially if somebody else points it out.

13) I used to play badminton and between the ages of 10 and eleven I won a game against an adult player. That made me incredibly proud and the man humbled and crying. He beat me in another game 1 or 2 weeks later. I think he was a better player but underestimated me in the first game on my home turf.

14) Isn’t this crazy, 25 points about me? Anyway have to go on. Up to 4th grade I thought I couldn’t sing. But it was because I never really tried, being too shy. The teacher in that grade gave me a mild praise when I made a small attempt to sing at one class and I ended up singing in a choir at a wedding the next year.

15) I love to sing. Most people think I sing well.

16) I love to play the guitar.

17) I love to play the guitar and sing at the same time.

18) I love to play the guitar and harmonica at the same time and sing in between.

19) I’m aware that few of the above points could have been put together but on the other hand some of the points above these points may have been too long. I like to compensate for overdoing something and compensate for overcompensation.

20) I don’t smoke. I did smoke for about 9 years but quit a long time ago, cold turkey.

21) I drink only occasionally at modestly. Beer and wine not at the same time and exceptionally a whiskey or rum or brandy if I have to due to some important celebration.

22) I like to go for walks, especially on the beach.

23) I love AWeber. I really mean this and notice that there is no affiliate link here. I’m just linking to my other post. I’d love it if you check it out.

24) I love Alex Jeffreys list building e-book and mentoring and teaching methods. I normally don’t like people who say things like that because half the time they don’t really mean it. I really, really mean it.

25) I love Alex Jeffreys Students because they are so helpful, all of them that I’m aware of. That is the only reason why I would ever be willing to write publicly 25 points about myself. The 25 points about Vance Sova are all true and nothing but the truth. I wonder, what are Alex Jeffreys students up to next?

Authored by Vance Sova

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