Is Alex Jeffreys Coaching

All Style & No Substance?

Alex Jeffreys coaching style wakes people up from the very start. He will have you glued to your chair and hanging on to his every word. But is it just Alex’s style that is mesmerizing ?

Are people being hypnotized by his star-like performance and his quick rise to internet marketing success? Are they left empty when it’s over?

I am Alex Jeffreys student and I will answer the above questions. I paid Alex a good amount of money for his mentoring and therefore I have the right to speak up.

Alex Jeffreys Style

Alex has a very convincing way of speaking. It makes people feel like he’s speaking from the heart and means every word he says.

I have been fooled on occasion and therefore can’t trust my instincts 100%. But as deep as I dig, so far I have not detected the tiniest trace of insincerity in Alex. I know of no other student who has.

Alex Jeffreys Attention To Students – Communication

When Alex has a live webinar, he actually reads the box that is there for communicating with the audience. And he replies to whatever his students type there immediately. This is before and after the coaching module lesson or session.

During the live session when he’s lecturing he has a member of his staff answering anything that students type into the communication box if it’s a general question. Alex answers all questions directed at him when he’s done lecturing.

In the numerous webinars that I’ve attended not put on by Alex this kind of communication is unheard of. Alex also responds to his students in the students forum. This is very rare as well.

Alex stays on after giving his coaching program session and speaks to every student that wants to speak with him.

This is something that never ever happens with other so called gurus. Please let me know in your comments if you know of anybody else who does this.

Important Note:

Alex is not paying me to write this post and knows nothing about it. I’m free to write the truth and nothing but the truth.

Even if he paid me (and I wish he did) to write about him I would still write what I know to be factual and wouldn’t leave anything out.

Since nobody is perfect I promise you that by the end of this article I will let you in on at least one thing where Alex Jeffreys is not perfect. He after all is human too.

Alex Jeffreys Substance

By substance I mean the actual goods Alex delivers.

Is it all smoke and mirrors?

The answer is an unequivocal no.

As far as I’m concerned Alex Jeffreys not only delivers what he promised he gives you much more.

What Was Expected – What Was Delivered

What I expected from the limited coaching and mentoring program was to come out with an internet marketing system that I could use. A system which once learned and applied completely would be able to stand on it’s own and make money.

Alex has provided that and delivered not one but two of his products that can be monetized. He also provided instructional videos so that a virtual newbie like me can set up the whole system which stands on its own and can be readily expanded upon.

It is an independent system. Alex won’t get a penny of your profits ever. The system is on your hosting company’s server and you have a 100% control over it.

Unexpected Things Also Delivered

This will be a partial list because:

1) The coaching is still in the process

2) This post is getting a bit long and I don’t want to overkill it

3) I have to deliver on the promise of finding an imperfection with Alex’s stuff.

What was totally unexpected was getting not only the system itself but also the Forward To Basics – Not Back To Basics – How To Run Business coaching and materials. This part alone could easily be worth half the money spent on the entire program.

It includes Coaching On How To Plan in 3 areas and Creating Your Lifestyle: Your Business Plan, Your Entrepreneurial Plan and Your Personal Plan.

Alex also shows you How To Get Organized, Focused and How To Avoid Being Overwhelmed.

I never expected Alex to introduce me and all the other students to other outstanding internet marketers and business super minds Like Rich Schefren and Andrew Fox.

Alex mentors not only the basics but transitions you to the top game of internet marketing.

I had no idea about being able to participate in Alex Jeffreys Students Forum.

And most of all I didn’t expect that Alex would keep in touch with his students when the coaching comes to an end.

The last sentence has not come into being yet since the coaching has not yet concluded but based on all the promises fulfilled so far I will take it at face value.

Imperfections With Alex Or His Stuff

Here I want to ask all former and present Alex Jeffreys students to comment.

I do want to be 100% factual and want to present an overall view. Being imperfect myself I need your help to point out anything that I will have missed on this point.

Please give me the dirt on Alex, not personal stuff of course but in regards to his coaching program, course, style, substance etc.

The one thing that Alex doesn’t do everybody wishes he did:

Alex doesn’t do all the work for you. This is one big shortcoming that he’ll have to work on.

He gives you the system and shows you how to set it up. He points you in the right direction and educates you on how to do things.

If and when he is able to do everything for everybody he will be the perfect dream internet marketing guru and teacher.

Until that happens, people will keep on writing, discussing and pontificating about Alex Jeffreys coaching style and substance.


(Don’t forget to add your views in comments).


Authored by Vance Sova

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