Vance Sova

Vance Sova

Vance Sova is a fine member of the community wherever he happens to live. There is no country where he has been whether as a visitor or a resident that he hasn’t enjoyed thoroughly.

He likes to travel because he enjoys the different cultures, climates and landscapes the world has to offer.

He is a language freak, meaning that learning languages is one of his hobbies.

Vance loves to sing, play the guitar and plays tennis which is his favorite game and exercise.

He started this blog which focuses on internet marketing in August 2009.

Vance thoroughly researches what he learns from different angles and then joyfully shares his knowledge with his readers.

His business background serves him and his readers well. After his studies and working as an electronics technician for several years, Vance has been involved in marketing, management and customer relations for most of his life.

To find out more about Vance Sova and what he has to say read the posts and pages on this blog.

Listen to Vance singing in different languages below. The videos demonstrate his enjoying languageĀ and musicalĀ hobbies.

Vance singing in French:

Vance Singing in German:

Vance Singing in Japanese:

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