World’s Most Respected Business Advisers Join Forces. Can They Alter Your Life?

The league of Extraordinary Minds, so far 53 of them, has been put together by Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren with a view to help change and improve business as well as ordinary lives.

Previously unheard of undertaking that could impact your own life and my life in ways that have never been possible before, where people from all walks of life can gain access to the most influential, most recognized, most respected and the brightest business advisers in the world.

People used to have to pay thousands of dollars to get access to any single mind of the group. Now virtually everybody will be able to profit from their insights, experiences and accumulated wisdom. Now you and I can pick and choose the most precious gems from these multiple treasure chests of living knowledge.

We can now save decades of time, bypassing all the trials and errors these extraordinary people went through and get the diamond like mined, purified, condensed, cut and polished masterpieces.

And they are not just about business. They have transformed their personal lives too. they show this by their willingness to share and contribute their knowledge, expertise and experiences.

This is our lifetime opportunity

Nobody in any position in any place could have ever even dreamed of finding access to this caliber and quality of brilliant, prominent, famous real-life business, marketing and performance experts.

The first 9 expert panel discovery sessions are completely free, gratis. They amount to about 36 content rich hours. There is no selling in them. You decide if you want to continue after that.

What Would Andrew Carnegie Have To Say About Extraordinary Minds League?

You may have heard of or read about Andrew Carnegie, the man who commissioned Napoleon Hill to interview the most successful businessmen of their times. Based on those interviews he then wrote the famous book and the long running bestseller Think and Grow Rich.

What do you think Andrew Carnegie would have to say about the opportunity we have right now to access extraordinary minds?

Would he say jump on it while you can? What about Napoleon Hill?

Would You Listen To Top Brains To Sharpen Your Own Ideas?

You may be surprised when you meet with really cool people who are at the top of the heap. I’ve met a couple of people like that. I was astonished at their approachability. They actually made me feel equal to them. They didn’t put themselves on a high horse at all.

It was very stimulating and my own ideas were forming at an accelerated pace and degree. It was like my own brain was being sharpened by combining with their brain.

I’m fortunate to have had that experience. How will it be when it gets multiplied with the 53 minds and Rich Schefren and Jay Abraham?

I’ve been introduced to Rich Schefren and Jay Abraham by Alex Jeffreys.

I’ve been Alex Jeffreys student since the end of this July, 2009. Alex Jeffreys is Rich Schefren’s student and greatly admires his expertise.

I have definitely learned a lot from both Alex and Rich.

I can personally recommend them both to you. I have listened to and even took a training from at least one person included in the 53.

From what I know and have experienced so far I’m convinced that you and I should give ourselves the opportunity to see what the 53 extraordinary minds league can do for us.


Authored by Vance Sova

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