Internet marketing networking can give a boost to your results and improve your bottom line in addition to other benefits.

Before I elaborate further on the 5 reasons why you should meet other internet marketers or IM people live, I want to share with you what I have found out recently about Google and how it can’t serve any relevant results on some subjects.

If you want to learn about how to network with other internet marketers or anything about it whatsoever and enter, for example, internet marketing networking or networking with internet marketers or network with internet marketers in the search box using Google, the Google robot will serve up unrelated results.

It will display things related to MLM which now uses a better sounding name of Network Marketing. The closest result it serves is Internet Network Marketing which is about MLM (network marketing) done through the internet. Nothing even remotely close to what you want to find.

I hope that Google will come up with a way to distinguish Internet Marketing Networking from the newer name for MLM which is Network Marketing. It shouldn’t be so hard for Google to fix the problem.

Now let’s get back to the main subject of this post.

5 Reasons to Network With Internet Marketers Face To Face

1) You’ll Be Inspired

You’ll be inspired by new ideas and success stories that aren’t shared online.

2) You’ll Build Better Relationships

You’ll build better rapport and relationships with other successful internet marketers by rubbing shoulders with them.

Sharing a drink, coffee or tea with a person builds much stronger bond than just communicating with them through email, phone or skype.

Email and skype work well enough after you have met the person and you both know each other that way.

I speak from experience. After meeting John Chow and Lee McIntyre I’ve been enjoying a much closer friendship and direct access to them that would have been impossible previously.

Watch the video below to see John Chow at his latest visit to Pho Dot Com in Vancouver.

3) You’ll Be Able To Share Resources

You will be able to share tips and resources as well as discuss solutions to problems that are never publicly discussed online.

4) You’ll Get Away From Computer

This one is kind of obvious but a very important point for your health and well-being.

You’ll get away from your computer, which is kind of hard for any motivated internet marketer. Stretching your body for long enough and having fun with other marketers will do you a world of good.

5) You’ll Meet Future JV Partners

You’ll meet people that can very well become your future joint venture partners. I don’t know about anybody who is serious about collaborating with other people whom they’ve never met in person.

It just doesn’t happen.

What to do next?

If you can think of other reasons why do internet marketing networking,  in other words why network with other internet marketers by meeting them in person, please make as detailed comment about it as you can.

The best comment will be rewarded by my visit to the best comment author’s blog and my placing a very relevant and comprehensive 2 comments there. The deadline for this rewarding competition is December 20, 2010.

Update December 26, 2010: The best comment was given By Barry Wells. He has won the competition. There were other very good comments and deciding which one to choose was not easy. Barry will get 2 comments from me as promised. I didn’t mention a link but I gladly link to Barry’s blog as well. Update July 20, 2018: Berry Wells’ blog is no longer live so I removed the link which went nowhere.

Keep on commenting because you will be rewarded quite abundantly even without winning the competition as I already mentioned below when I wrote this post.

Any commenter here is getting a comment luv and keyword luv links anyway as long as the comment is approved, which happens with all good comments.

If you can’t think of more reasons for live internet marketing networking, comment on the ones I’ve listed.

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Authored by Vance Sova

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