These 4 internet marketing peak performance tips aren’t found in any internet marketing course. I’ve gleaned them from a discussion panel 6 of the League of Extraordinary Minds.

Read the most important points from almost 2 hour long discussion of experts that may never get together again and learn how to perform at your very best all the time.

The League of Extraordinary Minds has lasted for 9 sessions and then ceased to exist. You can read about that and what was in the last session in my post which Google values highly: League of Extraordinary Minds Panel 9.

The collection of experts and the two moderators, Rich Schefren and Jay Abraham were discussing peak performance for people in any business, not just internet marketing. Please keep that in mind. I have made my notes and write this post from the angle and perspective of internet marketers because I’m learning to be one and so are most of my readers.

But all the people involved in the discussion do have a website or a blog or contribute to one and all of them recognize the importance of internet marketing and of having a presence online.

Before we start, let me point out that I made more than 20 pages of notes from the event and that what is below is the best of what was said as I see it.

What everybody in any business but especially in online business is asking is this:

How Can I Get Maximum Results From Minimum Efforts?

And the sub question which the panel 6 revolved around was this:

How To Operate At Peak Performance To Get The Best Results In Everything You Do

As you may expect there was more than one answer to this question. A lot of introductory and exploratory discussion went on and different opinions and philosophies were expressed.

Here is what I found the most valuable out of the 2 hour (minus 10 minutes) marathon:

Rich SchefrenHow can entrepreneurs make peak performance a permanent part of who they are and not just another passing fad?

Dan Millman What I’d like to share is perhaps the biggest challenge and maybe the biggest secret in the world. What is the biggest challenge? It’s turning what we know into what we actually do. The key to turning what we know into what we actually do is to start small.

Simple is powerful because we’re more likely to do it. It’s what we maintain day to day that’s going to make a difference, those little habits.

Tom McCarthy – I think in the beginning it has to become a ritual. When we require a new thought to perform at a higher level or a new emotion that we’re not comfortable at having or whatever, in the beginning it’s always going to feel awkward. It’s always going to feel like oh, that is just not me.

You need to ritualize it. You need to make a commitment to do it on a consistent basis.

They say the first 22 times you do it, it’s going to feel really strange. Your brain is going to be firing at a higher level, so it’s going to feel weird. After about 50 times you start to become more comfortable but it starts with a ritual.

So the first thing is you need a ritual. Ideally something in the morning and something as you’re going to bed. That’s a minimum.

Number two is building in some down time. Peak performance is not something you’re doing every minute of the day 100% of the time.

The human mind and body is not meant to do that. You need some down time too, otherwise it’s going to be something you can’t maintain and you’ll burn out.

Kathy Kolbe – The answer is so simple. You have to be yourself. You have to be authentic. You have to be free to be who you are. You don’t just go in and do that tomorrow or next week until you’ve cut the next deal. You do it every day the rest of your life.

If you continue to be who you are and you don’t compromise that and you fight for the freedom to be who you are you will always be at peak performance – always.

Josh Waitzkin – I’d recommend becoming allergic to being untrue to yourself. To be constantly asking yourself if you’re being organic, consistent, if you are acting in harmony with what your intuition is telling you.

I think that if we get into the habit of taking on our weaknesses, of building our strengths, it’s very important to take on our weaknesses through the prism of our strengths. That’s a really important idea.

People can take these types of ideas too far. They can just address their weaknesses and they get fixated on them and then can spend their whole life focused on their weaknesses.

It’s very important to spend your life focused on the style in which you naturally learn things best and you can build your game around that.

That really relates to being at peace with who you are – embracing who you are.

That’s the end of the panel 6 session coverage.

What do you think about the above peak performance tips? Can you apply any of them or all of them in your Internet marketing endeavors?

There is a bit of contradiction among what the 4 panelists had to say. Have you noticed that? I think that there is a very fine line between being ourselves and seeking improvement. The two don’t need to necessarily oppose each other.

Leave your comment, express yourself and tweet an bookmark the post to invite others to the discussion.


Authored by Vance Sova

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